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by Jessejones on 07 May 2018 - 22:05

This is my first White (BBS). I am training him as a possible service dog.

Two photos taken at 6mo and again at 10 mo. Overlayed.

I used the rock pedestal as my base parameter.

Took two pics and overlayed them so that the rock is exactly covered in both pics.  It shows how amazingly symmetrical the growth was.

Shape is identical.

Might be interesting for some wondering if their pup will out-grow or change an anatomical feature...

...or as in my case, not!


An image

Has anyone ever seen a marked change in anatomical shape after 6 mo?

by joanro on 07 May 2018 - 22:05

Jesse, that is amazing. I don't think I have seen any big changes, except for the body catching up to the legs.
I notice your guy has the same length in the leg in the two pics.

With horses, one can take a string and put the end of the string at the ergot of the fetlock, holding it there, take the string and go to the tip of the point of the elbow.
Then while holding the string on the elbow, bring the end of the string from the fetlock up and above the withers.....now, whatever the excess is, that is how tall the horse will get...if the horse is fully grown, the distance from fetlock to elbow, then elbow to withers will be the same......it works every time I ever measured a horse, checking to see how tall a colt will finish out.
Never tried with dogs, but I bet it would work, seeing how the legs are the same length.

by Jessejones on 07 May 2018 - 22:05


That is interesting about measuring a horses height. Might work with dogs, wonder if someone does that?

I was wondering with him about the angle of the pelvic bone, if it would level out or stay the same during growth, over time. But it did not, so at 6 mo with him, wysiwyg.

About the legs having the same length:
His legs were the first things to grow like weeds of course. Mostly around 4-5 mo.

But they are longer at 10 than 6 mo but are behind the first pic which is opaque.

I could re-shop this pic to make the 6 mo old pic more transparent...then I could see his legs at 10 mo.

add: He is now 26” - 65cm at withers. 

by joanro on 08 May 2018 - 00:05

Jesse, look where the bottom of his foot @six months....the distance to the bottom of his foot @ 10 months...maybe quarter inch because he is closer to us in the front image...now compare the distance between his hock front image to back image.....same distance as the feet. That is why I believe the legs are the same length.

The biggest change is his muzzle length and flattening of the top of the skull.


by Jessejones on 08 May 2018 - 03:05

You are right, from foot to hock seems pretty much the same length, a tad longer at 10 mo.

The stone slab is actually too short to hold him comfortably.
In normal stance, he is more stretched out than this.
But it is a great measurement tool for the overlay pics.

The cranial and facial anatomy is changing pretty actively now and gaining in width and thickness. I’ll look at him one day, and the next day it already seems different in some lights. The lower jaw is still lagging behind a bit and slower in changing, which is slower growing bone.


by Jessejones on 08 May 2018 - 18:05

I am surprised to see that dogs (gs) don’t change that much even though the growth is fast. So I did another overlay from 10 wk to 10 mo.

I always thought they grow in spurts of uneven, sometimes awkward growth, including some changes of full body profile and even anatomic bone structure.

Here is proof, at least in this dog, that the line of the back stays amazingly consistent from 10 weeks, 14 weeks, 20weeks (4.5mo), 6 mo to 10 mo with a height of 65cm at the withers.

I hope this interests some of you (even if he is a white?LOL 🤗)

An image


by Nakilana on 08 May 2018 - 18:05

This is so amazing! I will defiantly use this for whenever I get a puppy here in a few months to a year! This is so awesome and I would never have thought to do something as this! It is awesome to see the age growth!

by susie on 08 May 2018 - 19:05

Refering to your question - Yes, I have seen "a marked change" after 6 months...to be honest, I have seen it a lot of times.
Talking about GSDS for me it's : look at the 6 - 7 weeks old puppy, afterwards don't look at your dog until it's 12-14 months old - anything inbetween may be a total mess 😎


by Jessejones on 08 May 2018 - 21:05

I hope it will help when you choose you new pup! Good luck!

👍That is what I have always observed too...what I thought were messy and uncoordinated, awkward growth spurts. But, then I never did a photo overlay before. Maybe there is logic to the crazyness or it is not that crazy after all?!

I did pick this guy out at 6 weeks.

I’ll describe my pick as it may help some looking for a first time pup:

His grand sire, was IPO 3 (there is a practice session vid on you tube that I just found). There is more IPO 3 going back. And his sire is also doing IPO now. Some of the females were doing tracking and SAR.

So I thought there would be some sporty firecrackers in the litter and did not want one of those right now, since I was casting for a potential service dog.

I tested as best as one can I think, although can be a crapshoot.
...I did not go by looks alone and certainly didn’t pick the best looking one although it was hard to say no to him!
...and instead I choose the guy that cried the least when litermates left the enclosure
...gave good unsolicited eye contact
...was responsive to playing with me
...didn’t mind loud sudden noises that I produced
...didn’t mind being placed on his back or slightly upside down when picked up.

And this might have been the clincher:
...sat on my lap without wanting to squirm away again after the initial cuddles and novelty wore off. He stayed on with me for a long time. I need a dog that will do this without getting squiggly and bored. That is training, but also genetics.

This proved over time to be his personality, even now, at 10 mo.
No crazy juvenile behaviors so far.

So in this case I can confirm what they say about the 6 week marker, the personality was pretty set.

And it seems body type too.


by Lleigh on 16 May 2018 - 12:05

Great post! Thank you for sharing. I may start doing this with my pup. He’s 15 weeks now, but it would still be interesting to see 3/6 months from now

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