5 generation long pedigree for Theora's Arrived at Valhalla

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Theora's Arrived at Valhalla

Southside's Urban Legend @ Theora American Bulldogs

Little Willow's T-Bone

Honey Sugar's Astro BoyCauchi's BossCauchi's BJ
Cauchi's Molly
Eeya's BrindiAntoidemaler's Ruger
Ambulls Sugarbabe
Antoidmaler's FlickaChain Gang SpotPotter's Rocco
Potter's Dolton Girl
Antoidmaler's FireTNT's Mr Biggs
Peakforce Pudding
Hay's Snow Queen

Hay's BusterWhite Bull's ShadowArnots Ranger I of Sudden Impact
White Bulls Lena of A.L.
White bull's tinkerbelleWhite Bull's Shattering Snowflake
Boyd's Lorena
Hay's JezzyJoshua's Josh JnrSCHH BH, UCDIII, K-9 SEC
NAT'L CHAMPION Joshua's Ol' Southern White SCHH BH, UCDIII, K-9 SEC
Joshua's Imperial's Sheba Girl UCDIII, K-9 SEC
Hay's MoeSnaggletooth Von Jager
Hay's Lucy
Belles Creek Ruler of Fólkvangr

Sherlock's Pumba

Sherlock's ZacHay's BombJoshua's Josh Jnr
Hay's Lucy
Sherlock's CjSherlock's Brutus Australis
Sherlock's Dottie Cracker
Sherlock's KarmaSherlock's BlackjackSherlock's King of Kings
Hay's Ozzie
Sherlock's Dottie CrackerEdward's Butch
Acorn's Cookie
Belles Creek Layla

Sherlock's Jimbo Of Southern CrossSherlock's IrwinSherlock's Blackjack
Sherlock's Omo
Sherlock's DaisySherlock's Blackjack
Sherlock's Jasmine
Oak Park MyahMiami Vice AvalancheMedusa's Mac Daddy
Hardore's Satin
CD's ShilohAntoidemaler's Ruger
CD;s Storm

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