5 generation long pedigree for Rode Hawg's Stimpy

Pedigree Database

Dark Sable Female Belgian Malinois
Female for sale

Personal Protection Dog USA
Male for sale

Nat'l IPO3/FH Champion x IPO2 FH1 Competition Dogs
Puppies for sale

Pedigree for

Rode Hawg's Stimpy

Koura's Ultimate Knightmare

CH LeClerc's Fujimo Bandit

CH LeClerc's Bama BoyDavis' BingoJohn's Rocky
John's Gypsy
Davis' RoxanneScale's Fred
Barby's Gypsy
LeClerc's Roxanne of MargentinaMargentina's Sgt. RockCH Wright's Rounder
Maxwell's Lady/Painter's Ma Belle
Margentina's/Wright's RosieCH Wright's Rounder
Scott's Lady Lujo 2 (Wright's)
Litz's Miss Molly B

Litz's StarbuckScott's Oak Hill PaulScott's Bucking Bronco Bill
Scott's Little Dixie Belle
Litz's Hanna/Painter's Hard Headed HannaPainter's Big George
Maxwell's Lady/Painter's Ma Belle
LeClerc's PistolCH Wright's RounderWilliamson's Big Joe
Tuck's Tiger Lady
Wright's Lady White ShoesScott's Dixie Black Jack
Scott's Lady Lujo 2 (Wright's)
Mattengly's Bessy

McCullough's Levi

Williamson's Popeye the SailorWilliamson's Big JoeBailey's Gigantic Jim
FOUNDATION BITCH Scott's Dixie Belle
Williamson's JacklynWilliamson's Chester Man
Williamson's Sunshine
Blevin's Miss BullyBarksdale's ButcherWilliamson's Big Joe
Williamson's Lady
Williamson's Mary AnnNo information about the dam
No information about the sire
McCullough's Joleen

LeClerc's ChaosLeClerc's GarEgan's Big Bull
Bagwell's Suzanne
LeClerc's GypsyLeClerc's Raging Bull
McCullough's White Lightning
McCullough's Mean MaggieLeClerc's Snow ChiefLeClerc's Raging Bull
LeClerc's Roxanne of Margentina
McCullough's Mean JoleenWilliamson's Popeye the Sailor
Blevin's Miss Bully

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