5 generation long pedigree for Boyd's The Hammer BST 1 & 2

Pedigree Database

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Pedigree for

BST 1 & 2

Boyd's The Hammer BST 1 & 2

Boyd's Tomahawk Cleaver of Sure-Grip

Symmes' Rip'n Woody

Johnson's Red MachineJohnson's Incredible Mean MachineJohnson's Incredible Hulk
Bullmead's Queen
Sandman's Golden LadySandman the Great
Johnson's Suzie Q 2
Johnson's ToshKing's Bruiser Bo 4 of JDJ2 X CH Johnson's King Kong
Bruiser's Flaming Corky of JDJ
King's Lady Grace2 X CH Johnson's King Kong
Johnson's Sweet Lady Maiden
Tomahawk's Delilah of Sure-Grip

LeClerc's Raging BullJohnson's Red MachineJohnson's Incredible Mean Machine
Sandman's Golden Lady
Maxwell's Lady/Painter's Ma BelleScott's Dixieman
Maxwell's Dixie
Margentina's/Wright's RosieCH Wright's RounderWilliamson's Big Joe
Tuck's Tiger Lady
Scott's Lady Lujo 2 (Wright's)Scott's Bruiser Rhoe Ho
Scott's/Coleman's Honey Gal
Hines' Moleque of Boyd TT, ROM

Country Boy of Hines'

Smith's Bradley Spot BullKing's Aristocrat of JDJ2 X CH Johnson's King Kong
Johnson's Gypsy Rose Lee
Johnson's QueenKing's Bruiser Bo 4 of JDJ
Johnson's Sugar Doll 3
Smith's Dixie DarlingWilliamson's Popeye the SailorWilliamson's Big Joe
Williamson's Jacklyn
Smith's MeggieTate's Mr. Bud
Tates' Minnie Pearl
Hines' Snowbird/Dorsey's Flash

Hazzard's SnowmanCarpenter's Iron ManBailey's Gigantic Jim
FOUNDATION BITCH Scott's Dixie Belle
Carpenter's Dixie QueenSandman the Great
King's Roxie L of JDJ
Scott's/Coleman's Honey GalHamlin's TrooperTuck's Bo Bo Roger
Ashley''s Little Tammy
Stuart's JaneyWilliamson's Mr. Tough Guy
Scott's Little Dixie Belle

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