5 generation long pedigree for LeClerc's Viper

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LeClerc's Viper

LeClerc's Ghengis Khan

CH LeClerc's Bama Boy

Davis' BingoJohn's RockyJohn's Hoghead
John's Lady - (post1973)
John's GypsySyke's Buddy
John's Lil' Girl
Davis' RoxanneScale's FredJohn's Hoghead
McCleaver's Bulldog Jane
Barby's GypsyMaxwell's John Wayne
Barby's Betty
LeClerc's Roxanne of Margentina

Margentina's Sgt. RockCH Wright's RounderWilliamson's Big Joe
Tuck's Tiger Lady
Maxwell's Lady/Painter's Ma BelleScott's Dixieman
Maxwell's Dixie
Margentina's/Wright's RosieCH Wright's RounderWilliamson's Big Joe
Tuck's Tiger Lady
Scott's Lady Lujo 2 (Wright's)Scott's Bruiser Rhoe Ho
Scott's/Coleman's Honey Gal
Tate's/Stover's Duchess Lady

Oliver Johnson's/Williamson's Rex

Tate's RansomBailey's Bing CrosbyFOUNDATION DOG Johnson's Dick the Bruiser
Bailey's Sally Anne
Puckett's Ginger ColeBailey's Gigantic Jim
Bailey's Sissy Lou
Henry's QueenEvan's GaylordBailey's White Dickman
Bailey's Mom's Mable
Evan's Dixie BelleFOUNDATION DOG Johnson's Dick the Bruiser
FOUNDATION BITCH Scott's Dixie Belle
Tate's Lady Snow

Williamson's Big JoeBailey's Gigantic JimScott's Buckaroo 2
Scott's Forever Yours
FOUNDATION BITCH Scott's Dixie BelleScott's Morovian Mainstay
Scott's Manderfield Monica
Tuck's Tiger LadyTuck's Bo Bo RogerMac the Masher
Pursley's Missy 2
Tuck's Lady LouJohnson's Ninja Smitty

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