5 generation long pedigree for Boyd's Country Bumpkin

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Boyd's Country Bumpkin

CH Boyd's Hi-Jumpin Mikie SCH III, BST

Symmes' Rip'n Woody

Johnson's Red MachineJohnson's Incredible Mean MachineJohnson's Incredible Hulk
Bullmead's Queen
Sandman's Golden LadySandman the Great
Johnson's Suzie Q 2
Johnson's ToshKing's Bruiser Bo 4 of JDJ2 X CH Johnson's King Kong
Bruiser's Flaming Corky of JDJ
King's Lady Grace2 X CH Johnson's King Kong
Johnson's Sweet Lady Maiden
Hines' Moleque of Boyd TT, ROM

Country Boy of Hines'
Smith's Bradley Spot BullKing's Aristocrat of JDJ
Johnson's Queen
Smith's Dixie DarlingWilliamson's Popeye the Sailor
Smith's Meggie
Hines' Snowbird/Dorsey's Flash
Hazzard's SnowmanCarpenter's Iron Man
Carpenter's Dixie Queen
Scott's/Coleman's Honey GalHamlin's Trooper
Stuart's Janey
Boyd's Smashing Pumpkin

Dailey's Tug O'War

Johnson's Dozer BrunoJohnson's Machine BuckarooJohnson's Incredible Mean Machine
Nation's Dollye
Johnson's Sugar Doll 20Johnson's Hercules Hulk
Johnson's Sugar Doll 10
Ruby Farneti (Sans Affixe)King's Bruiser Bo 6 of JDJKing's Bruiser Bo 4 of JDJ
King's Lady Grace
Johnson's Sugar Doll 6Johnson's Red Machine
Johnson's Sugar Doll 3
Boyd's Elsie

Martin's Askum NicelyCountry Boy of Hines'
Smith's Bradley Spot Bull
Smith's Dixie Darling
Russell's / Hines' Sugar LumpRussell's White Knight
Bailey's Big Girl 3
Martin's Hurricane HannahOathout's LeviWilliamson's Popeye the Sailor
Blevin's Miss Bully
Oathout's SadieOathout's Jack Frost of Screaming Eagle
Oathout's Bad Bonnie

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