Simple pedigree chart for Bjurling's Porch Monkey (1285540)

Pedigree Database

DDR Line-Bred 5-4,5 Henk v.d. Moschel {only} male
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V1 O'Stryder v Nummer-Eins (HD-ED a1 normal IPO3,
Stud Dog

1.5 year Male out of TOP working-bloodlines
Male for sale

Simple pedigree chart for Bjurling's Porch Monkey CD1-CD2

Bjurling's Porch Monkey CD1-CD2
Rock's Mikey of A.S.
Margentina's Fred
Painter's Mac the Knife
Margentina's Queen Bell
Margentina's Big Nasty
Margentina's Rock Bitch
Honey Girl of Alan Scott
Hines' Texas Ranger of Alan Scott
Hines' Bossman
Hines' Kombat of Aspenrare
Dixie's Gypsy of Alan Scott
(NKC01 900009108)
Jone's B.J Whitee of Sand Valley
(NKC01 900008928)
Scott's Battel Star
JR CH Sir Duke of A.S.
Hammer Head of Alan Scott
Sophia Mae of A.S.
Oreo of A.S.
Horton's Beanie
Mooney's Brittany
Johnny Reb of AS
Figgit of Alan Scott
Apache's Gypsy of A.S.
CH Scott's Apache of BPK
Oreo of A.S.

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