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Pics of Daisy from puppy to adult. - Dog: Charming flowers by the bay (Daisy)

A pic every half month or month to show her growth till 2 years

6 weeks at breeder's house7 weeks Daisy 8 weeks 9 weeks 10 weeks 11 weeks12 weeks3 months 3 and half months 4 months4 and half months5 months5 and half months6 months6.5 months 7 months 7.5 months 8 months 8.5 months9 months9.5 months10 months10.5 months11 months11.5 months 1 year old13 months 14 monthsDaisy 15 months16 months 18 months23 months2 years.


The Belgian Malinios

The Belgian Malinios

The Belgian Malinios is also known as the Belgian Shepherd. However, despite its superficial resemblance to the German Shepherd, the Belgian Malinios is actually a type of sheep dog. Weighing in at 60 to 80 pounds when fully grown, and measuring between 22 and 26 inches in height, the Malinios is classified as a medium-sized working dog.

  • The American Bulldog

    When one thinks of the bulldog, the image that first comes to mind is probably that of the English Bulldog, with its squat build, round head and distinctive “face that only a mother could love.” But there is another kind of beloved breed of bulldog: bigger and more athletic, and ruggedly handsome where the English Bulldog is charmingly ugly. This is the American Bulldog, a breed that almost literally came back from the dead to become widely popular as both a working dog and a family pet.

  • Starting Your Dog in Tracking

    Tracking is a sport where the people take the passenger’s seat.  The dog is in the lead and is able to confidently do what comes naturally to it, and we must learn to trust in this ability.  For some people, trusting the dog and letting it lead are two of the hardest parts of beginning work in tracking.


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