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pups from SGx4 son of Zorro Vom La Mirage
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Puppies from German Import, V Kranichzug Oscar Sch
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Hugh von Eichenplatz daughters for sale!
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The History

Perle vom Wildsteiger Land born on Feb 06, 1979
VA1 Perle vom Wildsteiger Land
Tufflys Maverick born on Mar 27, 1972
Tufflys Maverick

Sample photo gallery

Others photos of Wallace de Valdellera. - Dog: Wallace de Valdellera

1234Wallace 6 months.Wallace 7 months.Wallace 1 year.Wallace 1 year.Wallace 13 months.Wallace moving.18 monthsHeadmoving


Training a SAR (Search and Rescue) Dog

Training a SAR (Search and Rescue) Dog

A well trained SAR dog is a sight to behold.  The dog can evenly maneuver the most difficult of terrain with the grace of a mountain goat all the while looking for a trapped or hidden human being.  This type of work is often done on the fly, at the drop of the hat, with little advanced warning.  It requires a talented dog and a special handler willing to invest the time and effort.

  • An Introduction to Clicker Training

    If you’re not directly familiar with clicker training, you might be a little confused on what exactly this style of training is all about.  It is a newer style (although has been known and used for many decades) of training in the sense that it took a while for dog trainers to really hook onto it. 

  • Health Issues in Dogs

    Dogs can suffer from a whole host of diseases and other serious health problems. Some of these conditions are inherited, while others are caused by viruses; still others are related to lifestyle and environmental influences.

Recently added pedigrees

Holfgan of Show Dog´s

Holfgan of Show Dog´s

Inserted:25 minutes ago
Male (2894932) Poodle
Father: Weiss Of Show Dogs
Mother: Fire of Show Dog´s
Created by canilquindim
Anair´s Beatrice Garavaggio

Anair´s Beatrice Garavaggio

Inserted:27 minutes ago
Female (2894931) Poodle
Father: Holfgan of Show Dog´s
Mother: Black Sharon of Show Dog´s
Created by canilquindim
Freya Vom Hallynn Haus

Freya Vom Hallynn Haus

Inserted:39 minutes ago
Female (2894930) German Shepherd Dog
Father: Reggie vom Sucherquelle
Mother: Jazzmine vom Hallynn Haus
Created by Bartons890


Inserted:54 minutes ago
Male (2894929) Labrador Retriever
TK'S Black Bonna

TK'S Black Bonna

Inserted:57 minutes ago
Female (2894928) Rottweiler
Father: ***
Mother: ***
Created by teren

Sample premiums

Mated July 01 to VA Gary v. Hühnegrab Reduced ship

Mated July 01 to VA Gary v. Hühnegrab Reduced ship

German Shepherd Dog
Female for sale
13:47 07 Jul 2019

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