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    Nebojsa Stefanovic


    Republic of Serbia

    by Nebojsa FCI 4302


    A sarplaninac is a dominant and very intelligent dog. It never barks without reason! They are extremely committed to the children and will defend its master at the cost of living. Nebojsa Stefanovic: I am devoting all my most precious time and pleasure to this job. Feeding, giving drink, and training this breed of dogs can be attributed only to people of spartan lifestyle and strict discipline. A sarplaninac dog is fond of a selfcontent, serious and disciplined master. This breed is brave, tough and generous enough not to leave any room for doubt. As a strict and confident breeder I have been striving to give this breed a spirit of toughness, selfconfidence and generosity. During all these years I have been working on defining the character of sarplaninac dog breed. I have been a dog breeder since 1990. Source:


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