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by astrovan2487 on 20 February 2021 - 09:02

Klossbruhe makes a good point about flying there yourself, fly back with puppy if you really want this litter. Even if you had to quarantine two weeks going and two weeks coming back, that would be much cheaper. Flying with the puppy in cabin is not that much more added to your ticket price, maybe a few hundred $. But seriously $9000 for flights? I recently looked into ticket prices for flying with a dog all over Europe for an FCI championship(was cancelled) and few week vacation, and prices were not that bad, wouldn't have even been $9000 if it was first class. These people are taking advantage of you.

Testing for LTV is a relatively new thing, even here in the US. I bet that we will see it become as common as HD or ED testing in the years to come as its just as serious if not more so. I believe its now included in SV testing as its become such a big issue for the breed. Not something to be overlooked.


by Rik on 20 February 2021 - 09:02

I'm not in that part of the world, but I think Australia also has some strict and costly quarantine rules. the $9000 for shipping is hard to wrap my head around, but it is what it is.

heidi, I did read your original post several times before I posted and it was confusing, at least for me on the cost.

anyway, I've been there and understand. here's hoping that your new addition is everything you hope for. and I apologize for the misunderstanding.

good luck,


by jillmissal on 21 February 2021 - 18:02

At the end of the day, that dog costs you $20K. The breakdown to me is immaterial. $9000 for a flight is insane, I never paid that much even shipping horses around the world.

Similarly $5,000 for 8 months of boarding is just silly. I personally would never do this anyway, I don't like other people putting foundations on my puppies.

Are there no decent breeders of a dog breed you like in NZ? I'll go so far as to say the breeder of this puppy isn't even a very good one, if they are willing to breed a bitch with a severe health fault. It is an absolute pet peeve of mine and there is no excuse for it. You might pay $20K (with a BANK LOAN!!!! We haven't even touched on this but OMG don't do this) for a dog that ends up euthanized at 18 months with a spinal disorder.

by duke1965 on 22 February 2021 - 03:02

I send multiple dogs to AUS and NZ and think your pricing of extra costs is a bit to high, if you want I can put you in contact with people who imported dogs to NZ and give you proper guidence on this, also, pricing has gone up a bit during covid, some companies into extreme, (had one that doubled price, but just switched to other airline) but 9000 looks a bit off

by Deacon12 on 07 June 2021 - 14:06

The health concerns me. I have been importing for 40 years from Germany? $20,000.00 on a puppy. That is an absolutely unrealistic price. Pups in germany are 500-1200 EU. I can have IPO3 training done for under $8000EU by a top trainer. The concern is the puppy may not make the grade.

by txarkoeta on 08 June 2021 - 01:06

500€ in Germany? In Germany from 900€ approximately, in the Czech Republic the normal is from 800€ but I have seen litters from 550€ and Slovakia similar to the Czech Republic


by Radovan on 22 June 2021 - 09:06

price for puppie in Czech is something like 800 euro..depends on parents , especially if you have to travel to germany for high level sport male (very expensive) and you have only few puppies, the costs will increase for sure (1200-1500 euro)...puppies are ready to go to new homes at 7 weeks..export means minimum 3 months (5-6 weeks longer hospitality), export paperwork, vaccination, transport...many breeders like to sell puppie in Europe (its simple) more than go throught this horrible export to USA. In case you will decide to find a dog trainer to train your dog in Czech, means- hospitality, kennel, food, next multiple vaccinations, firstly you will check teeth, than x- rays, DNA check, DM testing, LÜV testing and many other healthy tests+ training..means minimum for stud dog: BH+IGP1 or ZVV1, dog show, and körung...many thing can make the trainer alone, but for protection (helper) he will have to pay for sure..+ travelling for protection training + the dog could be stud about 2 years old (firstly) case of ,,customised´´ puppie+ training + shippment + tax in USA..means something like 2000 USD/ puppie, 1500 USD shipment, healthy tests (all vaccinations, x- ray - HD, ED, teeth, DNA, DM, LÜV...)- 1000 USD+ training means 18 months work- it could make minimu 5000 USD or more...and I always speak only about title level 1 (IGP1, ZVV1, SVV1) case of IGP2, 3 or ZVV2,3 it will be for sure all together the reasonable price starts on 9000-10.000 USD in that case...its more simple to buy a stud dog for ,,less´´ money or to buy older stud female, which has been mated in Europe and see her ultrasonic, with quantity of puppies she will have. Finally you can have puppies and stud female...depends on the way you choose:)...20K USD is simple said 2 times more (for stud dog- trained puppie- do not forget, what happened, if something will not go the right way- dog will miss a teeth, bad X- rays or other reasons, why the dog can´t be stud...what can breeder guarantee is, that parents are 100% healthy, but the health of the puppie will be known firstly at 13 months old puppie- x- rays could be make at 12 months old dog, all y- rays before 12 months old dog are not accepted)..deposit I will pay firstly after I see ultrasonic, that the female is mated..the price should not be high, this money would never be returned, this is used as ,,secure´´ for breeder, if you will finally dont want to buy a dog, this is for thr breeder and for his good will:). fingercross

by duke1965 on 24 June 2021 - 12:06

people in slowakia and czech are loosing their minds, asking between 10 and 25 thousand euros for ordinairy dogs, and every now and then someone will send the $$$ and keep the dream alive LOL

by wisnoskij on 17 July 2021 - 15:07

> Puppy $2500
This seems a little too low for me, which raises a few concerns but it does seems like the real professional breeders have not raised their prices as much over the last few years as every else. So this seems within the bounds of reason.

> Quarantine $1900
What does this mean? How is this not covered by the last item?

> Import permits and help with paperwork: $1600
Seems high to someone with no knowledge of the situation. How much are they charging you (above and beyond any government fees) to sign a few papers? I would be warry of anyone charging anything unless these forms are known to take like 20 hours to fill out

> Flights are $9000
This seems about $8500 too much to someone with no knowledge of the actual prices wherever you live. I would phone and ask around to make sure this is the going rate. Is it this expensive even if you are with the dog?

> Board and Train, blood, vet, food is $5,000 for 8 months work while waiting for mandatory health testing and time to clear.
I don't feel this is that horrible depending on the amount of training. If the breeder gives the dog an ~hour of one on one time a day for 8 months that seems reasonable. How much vet will be involved during that time (just 2-3 vaccines doses or will be preliminary hip and elbow checking)? Is that 8 months past 8 weeks? Or 8 months past birth?

Don't worry at all about the deposit pre-breeding if you know they are well thought of. I have no problem imagining a breeder so swamped with applicants that this is what they are forced to do. They are bugging you because they have other people asking, and cannot keep a spot open. Many industries require a year plus waiting period now.

I would talk to the breeder about LTV-MILD and why he considered her breedable, and maybe a local vet if possible for a non-biased opinion.
Does this breeder offer any warranty on health?

by Lexhaus on 19 July 2021 - 03:07

$20,000 is extremely high for a puppy, I am paying less than half of that for a male puppy, full health testing, care and training up to an IGP3 and hopeful to trial in MMCKNO championship when he is old enough. Run from that breeder.


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