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by GSCat on 08 March 2021 - 19:03

Rik is absolutely spot-on about notifying cc company. Otherwise your plastic might not work. Not only embarrassing, but can be difficult to correct from "over there."

Also make sure you have your cc international number in case there are problems or you need to ask a question or you need to notify of a large purchase


by Hundmutter on 09 March 2021 - 02:03

...And when you get your chosen puppy home, don't forget to post some photos here, please, we love seeing peoples' new pups ! Good luck in your purchase, enjoy your trip.


by Ryanhaus on 10 March 2021 - 10:03

Sangeinu, 😁

That pup is gorgeous 😍

Have a nice trip to Germany!

Good luck with your puppy search!

This is our homegrown girl❤️






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