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by Rik on 30 October 2020 - 10:10

that wasn't fighting. it was some pretty knowledgeable people with differing opinions.

on the ball thing, my last GSD only wanted to possess the ball. she loved to chase it but we never quite worked out that bring it back was to her benefit.

that was on me, but using 2 ball was simple enough for us at that point. worked for years.


by Hundmutter on 30 October 2020 - 11:10

I have fond memories of the father of my bitch (the one with the dodgy hip score), on the one occasion that I met him, bringing me his ball, just like the dog in the video. Pressing it on me repeatedly as I sat on his owner's sofa. And yes, as Rik says, when its your dog and you know them, two-ball sort of gets in the way of them bringing it right to you; but I have had dogs that dropped the 2nd ball as far away from you as they thought they could get away with and still have you keep playing (the one I have at the moment being an example of that !), right through to the dog which does a perfect to hand retrieve every time. Just love the differences in approach !


by GK1 on 31 October 2020 - 09:10

Nice form of exercise, the ball. Builds sprint speed, eye/body coordination, agility, etc. Can integrate control and obedience, but I most enjoy watching them be playful dogs. Although my fastest, the Malinois will keep the ball in her mouth as she won’t conflict with the dominant male for the loose ball. Allows for economical workout of two at at time. The protection shit is fun, but this is zen.


by kitkat3478 on 09 November 2020 - 02:11

.My Boink is ball crazy. He 'll go all day. If he sees someone coming to the house that he knows will play ball. It's funny cause he 'll stop whatever he doing and beeline to the person. We go in tractor supply. He goes and gets himself a ball. Goes to register. Jumps up and sets the ball in the perfect position. Takes a couple steps back and then stares at the register guy. If they don t throw it right away. He 'll go reposition it and again takes step back and looks at the guy till they throw it. He does same thing your dog does at home tho. Two balls. He trying to keep both. He 'll bring it back but drops it out of your reach. And boy ain t they fast to snag it if they think you gonna pick it up and leave him with none. My poor other dogs ain t allowed to touch them either. Everyball is a Boinkin ball. He stashed them too when he's done playing


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