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Entwerfer Haus

by Entwerfer Haus on 10 December 2019 - 17:12

I don't think they knew what "OP" meant?

by stormins on 19 December 2019 - 14:12

Admin....I had no idea what "OP" meant

Entwerfer Haus

by Entwerfer Haus on 20 December 2019 - 03:12


by Bryna Cohen on 24 December 2019 - 05:12

I don't know Judy and I haven't seen her dogs, but as of two or so years ago, maybe a year and a half, an old school friend of mine's 15-year-old son was taking care of the dogs. This young man was willing, but knows nothing about GSDs in general and high drive dogs in particularrr. I understand she is disabled. So I am. I am totally blind, have MS, Lupus and a few other things, and I take care of my 32 or so dogs on my own.

No, a person does not have to be accredited to train service dogs. People owner train all the time. I can't speak to Judy scamming people but the fact that she has this young man working with high drive dogs with usually little to know supervision is concerning to me. That's how accidents happen.

A well know trainer not that long ago, had a child doing this who was mauled to death while he was not there, though I believe the dogs were Malinois.

As I said, my information is through a friend I've had for thirty years who I have no reason not to trust. My only contacts with Judy have been on facebook. She asked to see the pedigree of one of my dogs, as she was interested in a mating. I asked her if her dogs had titles in tracking, protection work, were certified police k9s or SAR dogs. She never answered me, though she continued to reply to my other posts. She again asked me for the pedigree and I told her that I am only interested in breeding working line dogs with titles to working line dogs with titles. The conversation didn't go anywhere and I believe she unfriended me from facebook. Incidentally, my friend lives literally almost right next door, and her son is there almost every day since he is homeschooled.

by stormins on 27 December 2019 - 00:12

Entwerfer Haus

Sarcastic and uncalled for

Western Rider

by Western Rider on 27 December 2019 - 04:12

Time for you two to drop it.

Entwerfer Haus

by Entwerfer Haus on 27 December 2019 - 05:12

It's like being in grade school here sometimes.

by stormins on 10 January 2020 - 00:01

Not quite sure how Judy is able to really know what's going on since many of her dogs are co-owned all over the country

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 11 January 2020 - 06:01

Since the Original Poster had their deposit LEGALLY  returned this thread is now closed.


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