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by Juice on 30 November 2016 - 07:11

I did the research. Found 2 dogs i liked the look of. Purchased a pup from excellent lines. Result: great pup, cryptorchidism = pup returned to breeder. 2nd attempt: my current 6 month girl: a "dud" as far as IPO partner: Weak nerves, handler sensitivity, environmentally unsound. And when she arrived, i noticed an abdo scar, she'd been bloody desexed at eight weeks! When the pedigree papers arrived she was limited register too! BUT, perfect pet. < but could of saved myself $2,500 and got a JRT for free! if that's what i was after. Breeder suggested i report them. Not interested in refund . next season, another litter of "maligators" from same pair on market. "seriously high drive working lines" blah blah blah. I posted on the kennels fb page, that my pup is very weak nerved. Has extremely low prey drive. Very timid and nervous. breeder very fast to take that post down and block me. Still, even if one unsuspecting pup purchaser was put off, ive saved them same sorrow i have felt. 3rd pup coming Feb. 5 generations of pups, all titled on Sire's side, and most of Dam's side are titled. .All IPO. Surely, this should be a better partner prospect? Ive been lied to so much. I don't trust that the pup i describe i want, being the pup that is selected for me from the litter. All pups were spoken for prior to the mating. I don't get to choose, that's the breeders privilege in this scenario :( And as i have not titled an IPO dog, i am lucky to get one from such a litter. And that was with the assistance of my trainer advocating for me. So, fingers crossed.

by vk4gsd on 30 November 2016 - 07:11

There are lots of puppies and bull shit artists selling them.

This breeder is doing you no favours, I would tell him to shove it.


by Juice on 01 December 2016 - 07:12

here in Australia, there are few puppies. Certainly Not lots. I cant speak for the conformation line breeds. Then if you consider the road i am traveling. That narrows the number further still. Believe me, i am so hungry to find my partner dog, and have net worked my ass off in the community of IPO, i am well aware of what is on the ground. I'm desperate! And searching far and wide. The breeder is doing me no favors. Of course not:) I wont be telling him to shove it. I want what he has. Lots of others want the same product too. Market force in play. I have always worked with the dogs i've had. And rescued too many to count. Then one day, you purchase a pup, with a specific goal in mind. And then you let your head work for you. Put your indulgent emotional knee jerk response aside, and do something wiser. Something that gets me closer to obtaining the pup i need. But yeah, of course when asked questions like: "we only want people, who only want our pups". < i nearly spewed my coffee when i got told this. In order to be true to stating, i only want your pups. I would have to take myself of all other lists. Ruining my chances, when only 2 dogs from this ladies kennel had been titled. And we are talking 10 yrs of litters. Seriously, the ONLY dog.. And i consider, would she actually believe me. If i were to tell such a lie Does it soothe her soul? to believe her own delusion. That this is how you 'ensure' pups go to a good home?

by vk4gsd on 01 December 2016 - 07:12

Frankly the pedigrees in oz are not unique. Everyone flocks to every new import and hardly anyone titles anything .

buy on YOUR terms.

If you are new to IPO you are going to screw up anyway, a good prospect you will screw up even more.


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