5 generation long pedigree for Janzen's Ernestine Lucille

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Janzen's Ernestine Lucille

Sunnyside's Sebastian

Janzen's Ernie Ford

Vincent Antonelli Reynolds JrEvelyn's Pup PupCH. Elysian Rhu Barbarian
Kay's Lizzie
Tokel's Little Bit Of loveSparka Of Willwick
Marley Of Willowick
Shaldeen Wilkinson ReynoldsPeterson's General PattonKay's Luke
Country's Rhu Morgan
Peterson's Lady GuinevereCleve's Wilson Of Louden
Cleve's Sophia Of Louden
Allatoonas Fantastic Freckles

Hamilton Hunter BoudrieMyer's Winchester BuckshotLawrence's Christmas Coal
Katie True prophet
Thedford's Big foot MistyAppalachian Big Foot JR
Bobby's Rose Blossom Girl One
Sally Mae BoudrieSnoopy Scooter CombesLuther Vann Damm
Lucille Ball (Lucy)
Daisy Mae CombesJake Roy Bassett
Mabel Sugar Dunn
Daisy May Holmes

Compton's Fred

Ike WilsonRockin G's Ripley Creek DroopyEagle Creek's Sampson
Rosebuds Bigfoot Jasmineiscute
Rockin G's Little Miss DaiseyGeneral Borraguard Lee
Ellie Mae Copper
Bella WilsonRockin G's Cody OtisOzzy Ramsey
Candy Ramsey
Rockin G's Calico LadyGeneral Borraguard Lee
Samantha Wade Flower
Princess Dalilah II

Boomer Doo WardOreo Ink MitchellRoscoe Samson Kennedy
Baby Girl Kennedy
Saydey Storm MitchellD And L's Sam I Am
Missy Messy Mitchell
Bella Lee FlowerGeneral Borraguard LeeBilly Bob Barnett
Jamie's Little Lucy II
Samantha Wade FlowerFred Wade Rogers
Paisley Passion Flower

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