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Paula's Little Sweetheart9 months agoAmerican Bulldog
New titles (AKC)2.4 years agoAmerican Bulldog
Registering a dog2.6 years agoAmerican Bulldog
Adding generation to Ped.2.7 years agoAmerican Bulldog
New Here3 years agoAmerican Bulldog
Adding an APBT to AB pedigree3.6 years agoAmerican Bulldog
Mississippi3.6 years agoAmerican Bulldog
Another great weekend of Agility3.7 years agoAmerican Bulldog
First AB to ever Acheive the Barn Hunt champion title of GRATCH3.4 years agoAmerican Bulldog
When is too soon to breed?4 years agoAmerican Bulldog
Fury's first conformation show.4.1 years agoAmerican Bulldog
Condolence for Al Walker4.2 years agoAmerican Bulldog
Registration Problem4.4 years agoAmerican Bulldog
Pigmentation4.4 years agoAmerican Bulldog
picture upload problem4.4 years agoAmerican Bulldog
New puppy4.4 years agoAmerican Bulldog
New title in the mail!4.6 years agoAmerican Bulldog
Presenting my new puppy!4.7 years agoAmerican Bulldog
Cost of ofa tests5.1 years agoAmerican Bulldog
Please help find decendants of my boys line5.2 years agoAmerican Bulldog

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Sugar Bear of Boyds - Dog:GR. CH. Sugar Bear of Boyd's

Happy HalloweenSugar BearMr. BearMaybe a Bulldog got your BabyHurdlesAre you looking at my ass?Squirrel!Sugar Bear of BoydsSugar Bear of BoydsSugar Bear of BoydsSugar Bear of BoydsSugar Bear of BoydsSugar Bear of BoydsBear & Sparky2010 Mason Dixon ClassicMr. Bear at PlayCh. Sugar Bear of Boyd'sCh. Sugar Bear of Boyd'sSugar Bear of BoydsSugar Bear of BoydsOctober 30, 2010Sugar Bear


The Life Expectancy of Your Dog

The Life Expectancy of Your Dog

When you decide to get a dog, you are doing so with the expectation that your new canine companion is going to be with you for many years to come. But how many years, exactly? This is something that all prospective pet owners would like to know. The average lifespan for a dog is about 12 years, but this fact by itself tells you very little. In reality, there are a number of variables that will help determine how long the newest member of your family is likely to be with you.

  • An Introduction to Agility

    Agility is one of the fastest growing sports with dogs of all breeds and styles taking part.  It is a challenging, fast paced, and exciting training experience for both dog and handler.

  • Is a Raw Food Diet Right for Your Dog?

    If you read the labels on the back of commercially-prepared dog food, at first glance it might appear as if they are well-fortified with all the nutrients a dog needs to stay healthy. But if you read a little more closely, you will soon realize that this kind of food is heavily laced with preservatives, additives and other kinds of 


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