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by hexe on 09 June 2021 - 01:06

Klossbruhe, re your comment about dogs consuming feces, you're partially correct--not all dogs will consume their OWN feces, or that of other dogs, and certainly not the majority of dogs display that habit.

But, I submit that 100% of dogs do eat the feces of other species--deer, sheep, goats, rabbits, cats, chickens, geese, horses, cattle...just about any variety of fecal matter other than that of canines, if given the opportunity to do so.

by hexe on 09 June 2021 - 02:06

Given the fact that most people aren't really eating a well-balanced diet by human standards, it's pretty likely that table scraps probably aren't going to represent a balanced diet that meets all the nutritional requirements for the domestic canine.

by ValK on 09 June 2021 - 10:06

if you read food packages, probably you will find all those and more ingredients as well. difference only is QC which is more strict for our food and thus less or not at all added useless filler.
secondly, when you buy for dog even lowest quality meat, you are sure that that a meat. do you really think dog food industry uses meat as they put it in list of ingredients on packages?
dogs lived next to human for at least 20 000 years and seems they didn't suffer due to absence of special dog food. with introduction for mass consumer of the latest seems only the decline of health in general dog population happened, beside fact that dog owner start to collected more shit in their yards due to inability of dogs to digest all those fillers in their food.


by Rik on 11 June 2021 - 20:06

welp, I guess I agree with both SS and Valk to a degree. dogs lived for quite a few thousand years eating pretty much the same foods as humans. and dogs and humans are still here, though I doubt either ever had a completely "balanced" diet.

but SS recently lost a BFF at maybe 13 or 14 y.o. (I'm not going to look it up) so IMO only that's a pretty good, long life for a GSD. whatever she did or fed seems to have worked fairly well.

my last and final one was 11+ and never a sick day in all the time she was with me, but when it happened, it was very fast. She was never fed anything but Purina, sometimes raw chicken or beef added in if she was showing.

just rambling,



by Hundmutter on 12 June 2021 - 03:06

Depending on the sort of 'human diet' being referred to, there can be a good chance any dog will get lucky and get a reasonably balanced diet just sharing (correct amounts) of his peoples' meals. But how many people do we / you know of, especially in this day and age, who are not too poor so they are just living on basically rice / casava / whatever; or richer, but not that rich within the parameters of their surrounding society - or who are just comfortably off but entirely stupid - who rely on vast and frequent amounts of junk and ultra-processed foods ? They may do so for cost, or speed, or just out of ignorance, but eating take-away or pre-cooked all the time isn't really good for them, how can that be good for their pets ? How many cook from scratch on a daily basis, using fresh proteins and veg, avoiding too many carbs / starches / sugars; constantly make and eat wholesome soups and stews and roasts, and salads ? Personally I think I have a reasonably good, mixed diet, but even then I admit I don't cook properly every day. [Nor, actually, do I intend to start now !]

Yet lots and lots of modern people own dogs, even when they do not have proper access to better food supplies and cooking equipment. That has to severely decrease the chances of all dogs getting an adequate diet if the pet foods industry disappeared tomorrow.


As to longevity, more of my personal GSDs, and the dogs I've been responsible for caring for, lived into double figures than dogs which did not. Those which died 'early' (i.e. pre-ten yrs) all had some serious problem, haemangiosarcoma and the like. None of them ate Human or Raw.

by ValK on 14 June 2021 - 00:06

Rik i don't believe there are any correlation in longevity and type of consumed food, given that basic nutrients in food is similar.


by Hundmutter on 14 June 2021 - 03:06

ValK, the reverse can be true, though - you can certainly shorten a dog's life by making it ONLY eat scraps and rubbish, and not enough food. Because that will have an effect on overall health.


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