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by Gwyny P on 05 October 2021 - 10:10

Thank you GSCat.
I very much appreciate your input.

All excellent information.

YELP takes 1-7 days to respond to my request to remove this .

Should not be a problem as we did not service her in any way.

by Rotenstadt on 07 October 2021 - 17:10

Alla Oliv ..or what ever is her name,she have it new bussines


by Gwyny P on 19 October 2021 - 19:10

It must be a Monday, this woman has texted me again today after only two weeks from the last one on October 4th.

Her goal was to inform me of the following :
" animal rights activists paid to fake witness before (circus vs activists lawsuit) that fraudulent witness got caught and jailed, lawsuit was settled in favor of circus at $17,000,000.

I wouldn't recommend mess with this. Lawsuit against you have been filed."

This is the 8th time in as many months that she has threatened to sue me for false testimony of sorts.

I have only shared my experience with her.

Most of the "business people" I know are so busy with their "businesses" they would not have time for the nastiness and threats this Zorikova woman bestows on us every couple of weeks.


by Rik on 19 October 2021 - 21:10

Gwyny, are you in the same state as this person?

if not, then then the chances of you being sued (in the U.S.) are very doubtful unless the person is very, very wealthy.

any law suit would require expense on your side, so not a good goal to shoot for, but as long as you have posted no inaccurate info, then should be no issue for you other than expense.

also, unless I have misunderstood something, PDB is not based in the U.S. and would require jumping through quite a few hoops to give up your private info, which I really hope they would not do willingly.

a few years ago, there was a very similar poster on here who threatened to sue (by PM) several who disagreed with her. when I got my threat, I just told her good luck and ***k you. never heard anything else.


p.s. I'm not a lawyer, so take any advice at your own peril.

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 20 October 2021 - 04:10

Rik you are correct this site is not based in the USA.

by Gwyny P on 20 October 2021 - 09:10

Thank you Rik.

I would feel better if she would simply leave us alone.
Even better if she would provide the papers for doggy.

At this point it is merely a Porsche emblem on a Volkswagen hood.

We live in the same state about 45 minutes apart.
I have been to her home to leave a deposit and to pick up the puppy.
She has not been to my home but of course has my address.

I have only posted my precise experience with Zorikova and not embellished any details.

Things go quiet for awhile.
First 4 weeks, then three weeks, now 15 days.

Then (and always on a Monday) she comes in texting her threat to sue me if I do not remove my posted review information.

She says I am in breach of the contract we signed as I am apparently not allowed to comment on anything she has said or done, or in our case, what she has NOT done.

Of course the contract also included papers for our dog which of course she has reneged on.

She did send a photo of the AKC Papers showing her dam and Lucka.
Then stating "this is what you will NEVER get because you are EVIL."

The problem as I see it is that she had puppies from other dams not bred with Lucka.

She parlayed those into a financial puppy train riding on Lucka's fame.

Clearly, she has maxxed out the number of puppies she can register and was forced to pick off clients to NOT give papers to.

Two other people have left a review stating they cannot get papers from her all during this same time period . . . as we know, not ALL people even leave reviews for their experiences.

She seems to love calling me "evil and mentally unstable" a number of times during each communication.

I did reply that in light of her thoughts about me, perhaps she should stop annoying me :)

If I go silent, she fires off a series of one liners, then repeats, "all this is going into your case."

She insists that I contact her lawyer at the email given.

The thing is, it is her own email and has always been onher websites.

Zorikova has apparently changed business names 3 times in recent months perhaps to dissociate from the negative reviews rolling in.

Zorikova engages in lots of name calling and contradictory details.
She continues to mention she is a lawyer; most recently a lawyer in Europe, with an "LOL" after her comment.

I have checked every State Bar that shares their member lawyer information and she is nowhere to be found as an attorney in the USA.

Yesterday was 18 texts, several of which included links to the FBI regarding animal rights activists etc.

Twice I told her to stop pestering me.

At 6:14 pm I told her good night.

She told me to "Fork off." . . . can't even spell that right .

Then she came back with, "You need mental health courses to make your life easier." 

The texts are tedious because she cannot put a full sentence together that makes much sense unless it is copied and pasted from an article written by someone else.

Her stubborness is overwhelming.

This is an international business forum for her and over 27,000 views cannot possibly be beneficial for her "business."


by DuganVomEichenluft on 20 October 2021 - 09:10

Gwyny P,

Thought I'd chime in on something that just dawned on me. Not to give too much personal information, someone in my life (1st time dealing with this) began using Meth. a couple years ago. Upon re-reading your posts and her correspondences with you, it's nearly exactly the same behaviors of the person in my life. Like, everything.
Not that this information changes your situation and gives no excuse to her actions, but it maybe explains the reason for her craziness.

I hope the constant threats and harassment fizzles out for you. Eventually it will I'm sure. Stay strong though.


mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 20 October 2021 - 14:10

Let her know you can not delete anything here, it has to be done by one of the Admin and that won't be happening any time soon.


by Hundmutter on 21 October 2021 - 03:10

Here in the UK if someone sends repeated hostile emails it can come under our Harassment / Stalking legislation, i.e. is addressable as a criminal matter. Have you / can you try that angle with your local LE ?

by Gwyny P on 21 October 2021 - 10:10

Firstly thank you to Mr. Darcy for staying close to this and to Brandi for a new thought on her issues.

Dear Hundmutter ~

The advice given has been to let her continue to build this pattern of regularly reaching out to badger us after a prolonged silence.

So far not violent simply threatening as she continues to say she will "repossess Ruby."
The unknown regarding how or when is the most disturbing for us.

I am not pleased with being accused of being evil or mentally unstable.

And the constant lawsuit threat that so far has not materialized.
Does one even have to respond to a frivolous lawsuit ?
I don't care to throw money at this.

However, I do feel it is of use to update the group each time she revives her plan foar a lawsuit or a puppy repossession. 

The number of views has to be devastating to her reputation as she deals internationally =
19404 to 28323 . . . that's over 8900 viewings of her shenanigans in these 2 months.

The more she runs it up, the more I know she cannot give me the papers for reasons mentioned before.

Otherwise why would she risk this runaway train of bad juju ?
She could have stopped it immediately by issuing our papers.
AND, I would have revised my Social Media Reviews to reflect our resolution.

I have reviewed over 40 services and given only 5 star ratings.
I do not look for negativity nor report it to the world.

For Zorikova, I made an exception.

This wasn't simply an over-cooked egg or a soggy pizza.

Regular people want solid and positive outcomes and strive for resolution.

She has made no moves toward any of those choices and continues to make it worse with her inane, angry, bullying and nasty texts now approaching 7 months worth.

It is apparent that her Puppie$ for $ale $cam was intended to enrich herself through misrepresentation and the dishonesty that ALL these pups were sired by Lucka.

The result being to cheat, defraud, and ultimately cause anguish to a group of us.

Honestly, how many $3900 puppies could she possibly sell to make it worth the bad attention now focused on her name and businesses ?

Zorikova fanned the flames by tearing into Sasa Nenadov here.
That is exactly what caught my attention . . . one rat ratting out another rat.

And now the cats are all eyeing her.

This has become more of a chess game which I am surprised she doesn't manage better.

It is common for ill-willed people to accuse others of that which they are engaged in.


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