German Shepherd Dog Upcoming Events: Top working line German Shepherd pups! (id: 301678)

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German Shepherd Dog - Upcoming Events

Top working line German Shepherd pups!

Sent by Mkohl777

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Updated: Jun 22, 2024 07:42 PM (inserted 2 months ago) -> 5185

‼️Puppies born in 6/16/2024‼️

INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK & TIKTOK: @MK-K9 or @mkk9shepherds

Calista Jankura Hanacek and Harold (Hank) Eqidius!! (Owned by Von Den Mächtigen Kennels).  Hank and Cali had 10 puppies!  5 males and 5 females!  3 dark sables and 7 bicolors.  2 dark sable males, 1 dark sable female, and the rest are bicolors!  Puppies will be ready to go home on August 11th 2024!  The pups have lovely pigmentation, strong bones, big heads, and are extremely active!  They all weighed over 1 pound at birth!  Males will be 80-90 pounds and females will be 65-75 pounds.  ENS training was started at 3 days old.  Puppies will be socialized with other adults, kids, dogs, cats, and chickens!  Pups will be desensitized to loud and strange noises, different environments and textures of the ground, touch of their feet, ears etc...and will be desensitized to being held in different positions, and to different odors!  

Puppies will come with up to date vaccines, deworm, microchip, AKC registration, food to help transition, a health warranty and a puppy contract.  Owners will also have u limited advice for their new pups!  

Puppies are $3,000 usd with a $750.00 deposit to hold your puppy.  The remainder is due upon pick up or shipping day.  Shipping and ground transportation are available at the owners cost.  The deposit is refundable only to unforeseen events such as injury, death, illness, and unforeseen financial loss.  

DISCLAIMER:  puppies will be selected based on the puppies needs and what the owner is looking for.  Puppies with more suitable to work will go to working homes and puppies suitable for active homes will go to companion homes! 


Harald Eqidius CGCA CGCU IGP3 + AS-BT +
Winner of Hungary’s WUSV Qualification trial with a score of 270 (SG), represented Hungary at the 2022
WUSV as the country’s #1 dog.
HD A, ED 0/0. ZW 77. OCD- Free. LÜW 1. DM N/N (Clear). Körung. DNA Genprüft (SV).
Call name “Hank”
IGP1 - 95, 97, 98 (290 V) IGP2- 98, 98, 100 (296 V) IGP3- 95, 99, 100 (294 V)

He is a large, dark sable male weighing around 84 lbs at working weight. He is an upbeat dog that truly thrives in all three phases.
With multiple 100/100 scores, he brings flare, tenacity, and confidence to the field. A true master at the art of Schutzhund. All three scores he earned from his IGP1 to IGP3 are V rated. This means that the total score must be above 286/300 to earn this, to which he surpassed the minimum. While at the 2022 WUSV, he earned a 91/100 in Phase C.
When he isn’t working, he enjoys family life and is clean & quiet within the crate. He enjoys remaining active or hanging out and watching a movie. He loves walks and hiking. He is amazing with children and adores people.
A true gem of a dog.


Cali is the granddaughter of the famous and late Extreme Orex Aykmar.  Cali is an imposing female, with a true heart for work.  She has high prey drive, very firm and fast grips, and is a versatile female.  She can switch from civil to sport with ease.  She has high toy drive and absolutely loves to use her nose.  She will work whenever and wherever.  She works well with other handlers and shows no aggression towards other dogs and animals.  She learns quickly and is eager to please her handler.  She is very quick and keeps a nice working weight of 74 pounds.  She is a larger working female.  Her conformation is proper and she is a stock coat sable female.  She is currently training in IGP and PSA.  She will be getting her BH, once this litter is done.  She has used a bite suit and for her first time showed no fear on the bite suit or sleeve.  Cali is a force to be reckoned with.  She will make a great female for @mkk9shepherds breeding program and we are excited for her first litter!!!  Stay tuned!!!!!

Health Testing

OFA pending, awaiting for the vet office to send them in.  Everything looks great!!

DM:  Carrier

DNA:  Tested

We are expecting puppies with solid nerves, strong bones, high drives, confidence, great conformation, nice pigmentation, civil drives.  These pups are expected to be top working dogs for IGP, PSA, scent work, law enforcement and more.  

LOCATION:  Lake Elsinore, California 

Harald Eqidius

Calista Jankura Hanacek

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Top working line German Shepherd pups!


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