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by GSDPACK on 22 January 2018 - 20:01

Lately, I have dealt with few "issues" people seam to run into when they import a dog. To mention few:
1. No papers on a dog:
please allow the exporter some time to get the paperwork together. If there are some outstanding results needed to be certified such as hip and elbows, very fresh titles, breed survey, show rating, and so on, this can easily add another 4 weeks to get papers ready to apply for export. Then once all that is ready, the export is sent back to the previous owner who will mail it to the new owner. All this can take minimum of 4 weeks and up depending on the time of the year also. Christmas time?! forget it, registries close sometimes for a month, summer time? the same, everyone is vacationing! It takes time but I would say if nothing happens for 5 months, start questioning. Females that had been bred outside of the country they come from, lets say Czech papered and registered female bred to a German residing dog will take much longer as two registries are involved. Fun,fun. NEVER EVER allow the seller send the papers with the dog. Nobody wants to deal with duplicates, if they get lost. Always request paperwork to be send with tracking number. Makes it way easier to follow.

2. The dog is not the same as purchased/paperwork is not correct
yeah, good luck with fixing that. What makes people think that it will be fixed when someone openly did not send the "right" dog to begin with?! Or someone send "home made" certificates and x-ray results. Also look at point #4

3 Female is whelp had no puppies:
Mother nature ban be a royal PITA. Things happen in life and females get missed, males are "used up", planets are not aligned, even female was spayed once I heard, lol.. so not sure how they pulled that one off.
If you are purchasing a pregnant female, there are so many things that can go wrong!!!! Female aborts puppies on the plane, does not get pregnant in the first place, gets infection, has an undetected infection, eats her litter after, absorbs the puppies because of stress I can go on and on. If importing a female in whelp, please think about it. It can be an awesome thing and it can be a HUGE nightmare. Not every female can handle everything to our liking, they are living beings, some will do great and are the shittiest females and some would have awful time while they are the best mothers and dogs if not stressed the hell out!

4 Never received a dog:
Next time, purchase one from a REPUTABLE exporter or breeder. Ask around people who have purchased dogs before and who helps them or who sells them good dogs for fair price without any "surprises".
5. Sick dog,
Read point #4
6. Not the quality, temperament, not the titles....
again look at #4

As I mentioned before, dogs are living creatures, some need time to adjust, some are in avoidance, some want to flat out eat you when they arrive. Be honest, what can you handle? Can you handle a bitch that will try to eat you the first week? Or a retired police dog trying to do that for three weeks? They usually come around, settle down, stop eye balling you but it takes time.

There are great people out there you can buy from, importers or directly from breeders. If something is cheap, please think twice... I am tired of hearing how some people were taken. Also if a dog is overpriced, does not mean its a superstar... it could be just overpriced.

Good luck on your next import and I sure hope it will be successful. In the end, its the dog that gets the rotten deal if something goes wrong.
Cheers, I hope this puts put some light on things,


Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 22 January 2018 - 23:01

Thank you Pack.  Getting ready to post on this matter shortly.


by Hundmutter on 22 January 2018 - 23:01

It is good of you to bother Pack, but I wish I knew what the magic answer was to make people take notice of what you advise ! All this has been said, over and again, either in posts like yours grouping all the points together, or in pieces relevant to particular queries, - but still there are people who will not be helped. It is never going to happen to THEM, they are not going to be the importer who has all these problems ... until they are, and they do. Frequently its the poor dog at the centre of these troubles that pays the real price.

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