Simple pedigree chart for Erijane's Royal Odin (2804471)

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Simple pedigree chart for Erijane's Royal Odin

Erijane's Royal Odin
SureFire Special Forces Silverstar
(Wesfield's) Wf's Devlyn's White Warrior
(AKCDN02174002 (White))
Raymond Ray Ray Little
Freer's Theodore Bear
(AKCDL76668105 (White))
Salics Kodiak Big Bear
(AKCDL64728403 (White))
Tumbledowns Sheba Vance
(AKCDL65204003 (White))
Jase's Lovely Molly
(AKCDL63618703 WH)
Moe's Last Stand
(AKCDL56182906 (White))
Sydney First Class
(AKCDL44879508 (White))
Misty Majestic Mick
(AKCDL71415309 White)
Ve-Lin's Majestic Mick of Dex
(AKCDL55127802 White)
Ve-Lin's Lord Dexter
(AKCDL33151401 White)
Hoofprint Wind Chanty
(AKCDL35924701 White)
Jah Oedoe Toady
(AKCD898503 White)
General Leland Klusman
(AKCD065572 White)
Roth's Dusty
(AKCWE957281 1-85)
Wesfleld's Ice Ice Baby
(AKCDN01077905 White)
Meshach XI
(AKCDL82775702 White)
Leonberg's White Fang Thor
(AKCDL65370402 White)
Terror's Silver Masterpiece
(AKCDL41909302 02-96 White)
Kena Deblanche V. Pine River
(AKCDL55751410 12-96 White)
White Fang's Shaina
(AKCDL55222101 White)
Caesar White Fang
Dutchess von White II
(AKCDL33345804 White)
Klein's Sarah
(AKCDL82202606 White)
Bruno Schnee LM Spiken
(AKCDL61703905 White)
Anmark's Spiken of Evergreen
(AKCD489186 (White))
Cedar Oaks Lisa Marie
(AKCDL39680001 (White))
Spiken Co's Mother of Pearl
(AKCDL66081709 White)
Maxell Owchuck
(AKCDL54584407 White)
Princes Grace Milly
(AKCDL55898301 01-97 white)
Erijane's Lena
Avathar Lothian Kann Schimmelpfeng
Igor White Memphis Kann Schimmelpfeng
*CA* Anke Memphis Kann Schimmelpfeng
Ava Gardner Warlike Memphis
Bianca Schimmelpfeng Bracelos
Nick II Trinidad
Haya Kim Kann Schimmelpfeng
Gaya Reine Kann Schimmelpfeng
Apollo Reine Kann Schimmelpfeng
Clara Reine de Fagundus
Lourdes Maria Kann Schimmelpfeng
Sophia Loren Kann Schimmelpfeng
Erijane's Ghadiesha
Polarbear's Falkor of Erijane
SureFire Cayden v Zentopia
(AKCDN02138603 (White))
Regalwise Z'Surefire Of Juel
(AKCDL80794404 02-01)
Surefire's Meka Moose
Polarbear's Tinkerbelle
Shack von Hammer
(AKCDL85084603 (White))
Sheba Nollan
(AKCDL74673103 (White))
SG,U1 Erijane Unique Impression
Tydus V.D. Witte Herder
Docha V.'T Maalschap
Erijane Xayan Jolene
Widworthy Iced Gem of Erijane
(NHSB2531625 imp.)

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