Simple pedigree chart for PORTINVARTIJAN ULTRA UNIQUE (2184778)

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son of VA Cyrus Osterberger Land SG72 Sieger show
Male for sale

For Sale- High Level IPO III competition male
Male for sale

top son of VA Cyrus Osterberger Land for sale
Male for sale

Simple pedigree chart for PORTINVARTIJAN ULTRA UNIQUE

Reptile Smile of the Heart of Lothian
Avathar Lothian Kann Schimmelpfeng
Igor White Memphis Kann Schimmelpfeng
*CA* Anke Memphis Kann Schimmelpfeng
Ava Gardner Warlike Memphis
Bianca Schimmelpfeng Bracelos
Nick II Trinidad
Haya Kim Kann Schimmelpfeng
Gaya Reine Kann Schimmelpfeng
Apollo Reine Kann Schimmelpfeng
Clara Reine de Fagundus
Lourdes Maria Kann Schimmelpfeng
Sophia Loren Kann Schimmelpfeng
Energy Noble Kansas des Gardiens du Pacte
CH. Regalwise Noble Denver Alpha
CH Regalwise Unrivaled
CH Regalwise Rudy V Surefire
(AKCDN00498206 White)
CH Regalwise O'Rusti
(AKCDL90015906 White)
CH. Regalwise Tetris
(AKCDN06143101 White)
Regalwise Geronimo
Regalwise Monte-Rae
(AKCDL89932606 )
Tina des Gardiens du pacte
CH FRANCE CH BELGIUM Numba Du Domain Du Loupe Blanc TAN
Jerrywhite Princesse
CH BELG 99 Option de La Perle Blanche
Marquise De la Perle Blanche
Safe Keeper's Gatekeeper
Firepool Otso
Bricketwood White Supremo of Firepool HIP- SCORE 22 (15:7)
(HIP-Score 22 (15:7))
Bricketwood Crown Prince HIP SCORE 3/2 = 5
Bailotts Trebbiano at Bricketwood HIP SCORE 4/3 = 7
Tabarka Blanc of Bricketwood HIP SCORE 6/8 = ( 14 )
Bricketwood Fantasia
Hamshill Peony Blossom of Firepool
(HIP-Score 7 (3:4))
Kenmillto Reflection
Belgarion Black Witch
Kenmillone Threeways Girl
Bridgeview White Tiger
Soothsayer Glacial Nivalis
UKC CH Surefire Cameo Appearance
(AKCDN03353602 WH)
UKC CH Surefire Obi-Wan Kinobi UKC CH
(AKCDL85631601 09-02)
Regalwise Z'Surefire Of Juel
(AKCDL80794404 02-01)
Regalwise Z'Inevitable Juel CGC TDI
(AKCDL72812203 01-00)
Surefire's Gretta
(AKCDL77908512 02-01)
Anscots Le Meko
(AKCDL64386506 01-98)
UKC CH Royal Nala-Pride Of Surefire
(UKCP247-430 AKC DL71817901)
AWSA/WSCC/UKC CH Royal Kountry Magnolia UAG1, CD, UCD, CGC
(AKCDL59280501 02-98)
CH (UKC) Moonshadow's Royal Starburst CDX RBIMBS U-CD U-AG1
Ve-Lin's Lord Dexter
(AKCDL33151401 White)
WGSDCII CH Regalwise Remember Me Always RX, HC, VWF 94%
(AKCD954342 12-91 White)

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