Simple pedigree chart for Jo-el's Spellbound (1738488)

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Buick Maveka - son Alex z Kristova !!
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pups from SGx4 son of Zorro Vom La Mirage
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Simple pedigree chart for CH Jo-el's Spellbound

CH Jo-el's Spellbound
(AKCWE468615 White)
Lucy's Bronco Edlu-Mibach RXO
(AKCWD752683 05-79 White)
Joart's Cherokee
(AKCWD015361 (7-77))
SEL CH (US) Rex Edlu-Mibach
(AKCWA445280 (1-67))
CD Joart's Alete
(AKCWD841470 (3-73) Black)
Lucy's Boneca Von Rin
(AKCWD402587 10-77 White)
Baron Von Meter
(AKCWB744819 White)
CH Jo-el's Charmer
(AKCWC951208 10-7 White)
CH Jo-el's Charmer
(AKCWC951208 10-7 White)
CH Scofield's Rex Von Finn CD
(AKCWC-234420 (12-73) White)
Baron Frost Toth Of Geo-Mil
(AKCWB701288 White)
Seely's Lumi Nalle
(AKCWA726750 White)
Persephone IV
(AKCWC177518 White)
CD Mein Bleichen Schon
(AKCWB620928 (7-72))
Bachman Anatasia
(AKCWB268825 White)

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