Simple pedigree chart for Kirtonmae Sir Higgins (1033927)

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Simple pedigree chart for MULTI JCH Kirtonmae Sir Higgins .

MULTI JCH Kirtonmae Sir Higgins .
Soothsayer Quincy at Kirtonmae
(KCAE02648505 WH)
Bridgeview White Tiger
Clappham White Kane
Savahra Classical Charmer
Zoeweiss Zalina White Beau
Rookney White Gypsophilia
White Lobelia of Rookney
Bridgeview Bubbly-On-Ice
Flash Lightning At Bridgeview
Ivory Echo
Kara's Crystal Beautyfrombridgeview
Kaernten Real Class HIP-SCORE: 28/27 = 55
Soothsayer Cordelia's wish
Billalayn Strikes Again
(KCW2814607V03 Wh)
Billalayn Jimbo's Boy
White Lima Of Longbeach
Dreamcoat Black Shanie
Dolly Pembroke
Kenyee Inspiration From Soothsayer
(KCY3337206Y03 Wh)
Joshua Joystick
Eastcheldon Waitress
Dengail Merry Golden Girl
Beauty Bonnie Lass
Eastcheldon Kindhearted At Kirtonmae
(AF02969204 White)
Penbruce Tracker of Eastcheldon
Blue Warrior
Readepter Kaz Lad
(KCRY1691302Y02 (Blue))
Readepter Blue Storm
Readepter Solo Dream
Duncastle Black Starshine
Caprina Silver Of Duncastle
Duncastle Angelic Snowgirl
Duncastle Silver Charm
Vondaun Fleur's Choice of Duncastle
Duncastle Sweet Megan
No information about the Dam
Eastcheldon White Gracious
Mistboys D'Hanna Sineh of Eastcheldon
Mistboys Pola Bear
Mistboys Daisy
Mistboys Shebas Joy
Mistboys Anna Black
Black Gypsy of Cheldon
Celdon's Black Lad
Eastcheldon Golden Magic
Kenwu Betty
Vallermosa Aisha


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