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by hexe on 17 July 2018 - 05:07

Is there a back porch that you could set up a 'potty station' at, so she wouldn't have to go down the steps at all? Does she still rouse herself when she has to go and head for the exit, or is she just peeing wherever she's at when the urge hits her? If she still tries to make the trip toward the door, I'd really consider looking into one of the indoor potty stations that are now on the market, and see which version would be most suitable for both of you--there are a number of different types, and they no longer make them just with small dogs in mind...have seen some that will accommodate a Great Dane or St. Bernard. Here's one option that uses real grass.

If you've got a back porch, you might consider having someone build you something similar out there, so Gracie wouldn't have to go down the steps; that would also give your male the option to use it if the weather is awful and you don't really want to let either of them out in the yard.

I'm of a mind that going the diaper route will actually be much more difficult for both you and Gracie, as it will be a lot of work--the diaper will need to be changed several times per day, and with each change you'll need to rinse & dry off her vulva, and then place a light coat of petroleum jelly on the area before you put a new one on, to prevent both urine scald as well as urinary tract infections from developing. That will take a lot out of you, believe me.

by yhecht on 17 July 2018 - 09:07

Thank you for all the suggestions. Here is what I have done in the past.
I created a "litter" box for my dogs (I use it to train my puppies) on my back deck using 2 x 4's, a tarp to cover deck and sawdust. It worked for pups but Gracie has never used it.

While I was in SNF, I had a doggie door installed in my room where I mainly live because I am not allowed to put weight on my left foot so basically live in my bedroom, but because of Gracies back legs, she has trouble going out the door, because of course the bottom is about 4 inches high and she has to hop to get out. My male has no trouble with it. I am considering having a small ramp built in the house and outside on the deck so that she could walk up that and use the doggie door.

I have considered a ramp for the back 13 steps, but I am thinking ahead to when I also might need a ramp for a wheelchair, and have decided come fall that I will have a door installed in my room that exits to the higher side of the house which is only about 20 inches from the ground. I can then extend my backyard fence to include that so that I can let the dogs out that way and it will be much easier on them and also on me if I do wind up in a wheelchair.

I think that I mentioned that I cleaned out my spare room and laid down tarps and added a few potty pads. I have not tried this yet with Gracie. I am not sure that she would use a doggie lawn, but I think having the whole room is a better option.

If only my city would allow me to have fence in my front yard, this would solve everything as I only have to go down 2 steps and then I would be able to let Gracie go in my front yard.....but they do not allow any fencing in the front.

From all the suggestions, it does seem like the diapers would be too much for me. I saw my doctor today and my wound has closed over, but he says that I still have to take it easy for 6 weeks or so, so I guess that I will try some of these solutions and see which one works out best for me and Gracie.

Thank you for all the suggestions.


by astrovan2487 on 18 July 2018 - 21:07

This might be helpful if you do try diapers on her

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