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by duke1965 on 20 April 2018 - 17:04

Joan, your comments about the german police and german shepherds are factual incorrect, so that doesnot cut woodWink Smile

by ValK on 20 April 2018 - 18:04


That's my way of life, Joanro 😃 And - honestly - is there any reason ( besides the few real service dogs ) to keep a dog like a GSD in the city ??? For what ?

 i guess to protect own belongings, family and themselves from those "new compatriots".
well, at least till they would adapt to civilized life, if they ever do Confused Smile


by susie on 20 April 2018 - 18:04

Joanro, I forgot to mention: I don't know one single German breeder who breeds "for" the International market, doesn't make sense, it's way easier to sell puppies within Germany ( no stress, no health certificates, no travelling to the airpirt, no warranties... ).
The puppies offered for sale are the ones the breeders have not been able to sell within time out of several reasons.
Selling of bred females? I don't like it, too, but the German brood bitches advertised for sale normally are around 4 years old, and the breeder already got 2 or 3 litters out of them. At that point the breeder wants to make use of the next generation...
Far worse are the advertisements for very young ( 12 - 15 months old ) untitled, not health tested, not DNAED bitches bred to some male. These are the ads we see on a regular basis, and the seller are always located in the deep East of Europe.
We could talk about German police and GSDS forever, but in a nutshell: Mals and x-crosses are still way cheaper, German police pays shit, and the contract states that they are able to give the dog back in case it's not suitable for the job; and contrary to good GSDS Mals and crosses are still offered to police ( changing, too, because more and more people outside of Europe are willing to pay for these trend dogs now ).
About the "hup hup" - every German dog has to get a show rating.
People outside of Germany always only look at the videos of the Siegershow - Although I am not actively involved any more I invite you for a vacation at my house, I will visit regular clubs with you, and you will get the chance to see a lot of dogs during regular training ( WL and SL ). Afterwards we'll talk again - no joke...


by susie on 20 April 2018 - 18:04

ValK, in my opinion it's cruel to keep a dog in the city.
Buy a gun, invest in a good alarm system, or make use of a Baseball racket, but don't force a dog with its sensible nose, ears, and joints to live in dirt, row, and concrete of a city day in, day out...


by Jessejones on 20 April 2018 - 18:04

Well, this is all taking an unexpected turn 😕

I feel my words are not being read.
I’m going to write one more time to clear what I said, and then leave it.

I don’t write that I want to go off lead in heavy traffic or that anyone should.

I don’t write anywhere that one can not get a good dog anymore. Nor, have written anywhere that all dogs are not good anymore. I am not a doomsayer.

My point is simply that perhaps the more restrictive environments of some of todays dogs (in some places) may keep them from maturing into full character, because of the many laws popping up over the last 30 years (and perhaps too early neutering).

This is according to my view. And living in the USA.
I can compare as I have also lived in Germany, spent tons of time in France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria with dogs, and have a spouse of 30 years from the UK, where I have gone on many, many Sunday walks in the countryside with dogs and a lot less restrictions than where I Iive now, even though the USA is much larger in land mass. It is mostly all privately owned land, fenced in, without legal access rights.

by joanro on 20 April 2018 - 18:04

Susie: That's my way of life, Joanro 😃 And - honestly - is there any reason ( besides the few real service dogs ) to keep a dog like a GSD in the city ??? For what ?

Susie, police departments have gsd in the big cities, too.

People choose to have a good gsd in the city to protect them from scum like the people who get a pass to pizz in public...because those filthy people feel like they have a right to rob, rape and murder American citizens....
That's the main reason for having a gsd in the city.

Edit to add: Susie, guns are not legal to own in most big cities in the USA, anymore...and especially in the cities where the prefered uncivilized foreign nationals are preferred over American citizens. So a good gsd is needed.

by joanro on 20 April 2018 - 18:04

Duke: Joan, your comments about the german police and german shepherds are factual incorrect, so that doesnot cut woodWink Smile

So, duke, the police in Germany use the GSL gsd in their k9 units?
There have been articles published from Germany stating they don't buy German dogs any more.
I did not say they don't use gsd....I said they 'out source' them, meaning they buy the gsd for k9 LE from other countries like as in Czech rep, Slovakia.

Maybe they are getting superior gsd from the GSL breeders in Germany now, and don't need to buy their dogs from vendors such as yourself. 'It's possible.'


by susie on 20 April 2018 - 19:04

Forgot the police dogs...

Joanro, the "choice" of humans does not always include the well being of animals, in this case of dogs.

by joanro on 20 April 2018 - 19:04

Susie, dogs would not exist if people did not need them...the domestic dog is remarkably adaptive to live in any environment with humans.


by susie on 20 April 2018 - 19:04

Adaptive = feeling well/good for the dog? I doubt it...

Let's be honest - what's the percentage of city raised dogs that EVER had a real bite ( with reason ) versus bites without reason ( cause they became neurotic, bored, crazy, sick ) - and how many dogs did not react at all in case of a real threat???

A city with all it's dirt, exhaust fumes, noise and ignorant people is no surrounding I want any of my dogs to live in.

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