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by tiffanychuang on 21 July 2009 - 07:07


I hope someone can help me figure out my tibetan mastiff's strange behaviour.

I just adopted a healthy but old, 9 year old male TM.  He is as the breed description predicts: aloof, independent, stubborn, but otherwise tolerant and docile.

When I take him for walks he largely complies but ocassionally tests my will by refusing to budge.  But sometimes, he does this strange thing where he pushes his muzzle against my legs, as if to push me in a certain direction.  Other times, he does this even weirder thing where he comes up from behind me and pushes his head between my legs.  I usually stop in shock, so he just keeps his head there.  It looks weird at best and lewd at worst, but I'm just puzzled.  I don't think it's affection because as I said he's aloof, and he's only known us for about a week now.  Is he trying to "herd" me or something?

by Irishrose314 on 08 August 2009 - 02:08

 He's probably just marking you as his. Dogs have glands on the side of their faces and they use the oils to mark members of their pack. I don't remember my TM ever doing that but I've had her since I was really young. My bernese mountain dogs do that all the time though. Plus, male TMs tend to be friendlier than the females. Oh, and the refusing to budge on a walk is totally normal for TM because they want to do what they want to do and don't care much about what you want them to do.  

by Lisa Shardlow on 13 July 2010 - 12:07

 Hi, I have 2 six month old TB bitches. One of them regularly 'butts' me with her nose. I think it's just her way of getting my attention - a bit like tapping a person on the shoulder! She most often does it when I'm preparing their meal - a bit like saying a polite "hurry up!".
As for the sitting down and not budging - just as some dogs try to take control of the walk by pulling some dogs either dawdle or sit/lie down. If I can assume that your dog isn't fearful and has stopped because it's in 'freeze' mode I guess this is his tactic! Mine do it all of the time, particularly when I'm trying to get them in and out of the van. 
Try changing direction or try treats to reward when he moves. Positive reinforcement is the key. Perhaps try doing some 'follow the leader' in the garden at home on or off the lead - again give him a small treat when he pays attention to you.
Hope that helps! Lisa


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