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by saftgit on 17 August 2008 - 09:08

Hi, my dog has a problem with blisters between his toes on his front paws. They come and go, sometimes very mild and sometimes quite nasty. when he first got them we took him to our vet and he had several tests including a biopsy. these tests were inconclusive, the vet said he could be allergic to something, ie grass, soil, something he eats.

Has anyone else come across this before and what remedies were prescribed.



by driveshaftstaffys on 11 June 2009 - 02:06

Hi I have been breeding Staffys for a few years and recently came across a staffy that had this problem but much more severe. He had to take antihistamines every day and have his paws washed frequently and oral antibiotics as well as wearing specailly made booties to protect his feet. I had this dogs full sister for a few years and she got what your dog gets just a sore inside the paw between the toes but she got it on a back foot it would make her hop if left untreated. My vet gave me a tube of inflamol a blue cream that I applied 2x daily it healed it well but the problem would come back when it felt like it.


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