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African Boerboel

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South African Boerboel up for Adoption3.5 years agoAfrican Boerboel
Dopper.......Nebo4.3 years agoAfrican Boerboel
Boerboel Pup weak pasterns4.8 years agoAfrican Boerboel
Fixes to the website6.9 years agoAfrican Boerboel

The History

Sample African Boerboel pedigrees

Gretchen Erwin Rommel
Tigerberg-Dragonlance Hannibal
Tigerberg Shakira
Ironclad Azibo
Afrika Bianca
Middelpos Zeranti
Middelpos Boel
Nostras Oxo
Avontuur Anton

African Boerboel Information

African Boerboel breeders over the world

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