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Puppies for sale

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 Will Her Coat Change?cborso22326473 years ago by AnaSilva >> (goto)
 showing a Rough CollieJennifer5133950 
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 TO OWNER of Heathlands I'll be Home for Christmas.krobinson167430 
 heartworm medicationJennifer51870316.5 years ago by EuroShepherd >> (goto)
 Greetings! Windmark1779416.6 years ago by colliemommy >> (goto)
 rough collie sable female for show? any breeders?Jennifer15861633216.6 years ago by Windmark >> (goto)
 Oversized, VERY Large Rough Collie Wanted!!!!LoveCollies2181116.8 years ago by crazyhorselady >> (goto)
 Trying to register dogs on the databaseRochelle1726116.9 years ago by GSD Admin >> (goto)
 how do I know if my collie is show quality?Jennifer15861790117 years ago by WhiteCollies >> (goto)
 does anyone know a rough collie breeder with a good championship bloodlineJennifer1586151770 
 Inverted Molars..Question mode of inheritancemyladadog1956417.3 years ago by ShadyLady >> (goto)
 Does this Rough Collie have show potential?Crossville1863817.4 years ago by kerispal >> (goto)
 Looking for Show Quality - Collie PupRenofan22183147.7 years ago by Daria Lacy >> (goto)
 Seeking a Collieredundantferret180350 
 I' m looking for a copy of Gayle Kaye's ''The Colllie in America"terhunian164270 
 Fixes to the websiteOli157620 

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