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by ryken1 on 24 August 2004 - 21:08

Is it okey to feed pork to my GSD?

by hexe on 24 August 2004 - 22:08

As long as the dog's digestive system doesn't object to it, there's no reason you can't. Just be sure to feed lean pork--fat of any type, but especially that of pork, can cause an episode of acute pancreatitus in perfectly healthy dogs. Turkey skin is another item that's almost guaranteed to cause it, too...it's the reason there are so many dogs seen by vets for gastric upsets the day after the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US. If, however, you already know your dog has a problem such as pancreatic insufficiency, then avoid pork entirely for that dog. It's not worth the crash it may cause in the dog's condition as it sets of a gastric distress episode. Otherwise, though, cooked pork is perfectly safe to feed to a dog.

by Margaret Bradley on 25 August 2004 - 08:08

Did you ever consider that the mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, deserts and other innapropriate food items fed to our dogs at Thanksgiving dinner were the culprit of the upset digestive system in the dog. I very much doubt it had anything to do with offering the dog raw turkey skin. Perhaps if you fed it after the skin had been cooked you experienced a problem, but not the small bit of skin carved off the turkey prior to it entering the oven. And BTW who carves off any raw turkey skin before they put that bird in the oven anyway? Margaret Bradley http://www.geocities.com/margaretmbradley/vondernewlenox.html

by MichelleG on 25 August 2004 - 14:08

I feed both raw pork and turkey and have never had any problems. I think porc is perfectly safe, but as with any other kind of meat, I wouldnt feed just one kind, you must have a variety.

by Connie on 25 August 2004 - 16:08

Here in Germany it is extemely dangerous to feed raw pork to dogs, because there might be a virus in it that causes illness. Nobody here in Germany feeds raw pork to their dogs. But I don't know how the pork is in the USA. Connie

by hexe on 25 August 2004 - 19:08

Margaret, with regard to the turkey skin, I was speaking of the cooked skin, not the raw skin--and my friend, having worked as a vet tech for the past 20+ years, I'm speaking from first-hand experience. It wasn't the mashed potatoes, etc. that brought the dogs in with acute pancreatitis attacks--it was the cooked turkey skin. I'm not sure exactly which virus is of concern in Germany, although there are several swine diseases which can be passed to dogs via raw pork--pseudorabies being the most common concern, but I thought Germany had eliminated that disease from their swine herds. Again--the main concern about feeding pork lies in whether or not the dog in question has any problems digesting animal fats, or has pancreatic insufficiency. Barring either of these, as others have mentioned, a balanced diet that includes pork is certainly not out of the question.

by Connie on 26 August 2004 - 12:08

The deseases are eleminated in Germany, but the virus I am talking about is absolutely harmless for humans but dangerous for dogs. The pigs in Germany are not testet to this virus because it is harmless for the main consumer (humans). There also can be eggs of different worms in raw pork.... If I would feed my dog with pork, then I would cook it well before feeding it.


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