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by Pjulle on 08 August 2004 - 14:08

Hi there... While spending a lot of hours updating the website with new dogs, searching the Internet for pictures of allready registred dogs, checking for newer informations on all sorts of websites around the world, I find my self growling more often than ever. It seems that it is not known "worldwide" that we need a certain quality in the pictures uploaded to this website. A lot of puppypictures/sofashots occurs, when it should be clear to everyone that this is not suitable when we are suposed to use the site in breedingpurpose.... Here is a few of the pictues, which I find absolutely of no use for the site: MAJESTAT-kennel: http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/gsd/pedigree/399678.html http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/gsd/pedigree/400504.html VENUSHOF: http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/gsd/pedigree/387128.html Tell me again why this is relevant? FOLINKU: http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/gsd/pedigree/394867.html This isnt even a dog picture!!! PARTNER: http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/gsd/pedigree/395678.html Gzzz.... BERENDORF: (ALL Berendorf dogs) http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/gsd/pedigree/400109.html It could be the same person posting most of these, since a lot of Berendorf, and Venushof dogs are shown with WRONG pictures. DISAGER-kennel.(Acctually ALL 7 dogs registred from this kennel is shown with puppy pictues, and in this case its not even the kennelowner, who has uploaded it. I mailed him, just to be sure) http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/gsd/pedigree/388630.html I can understand the pictures of older dogs just being shown with a head shot, if thats all they got, but its not relevant to register PUPPIES, since they're not in the breeding program yet, and most likely wont ever be... Its funny to see some of the progency produced, but not for any cause. I believe it should be stated who uploaded the picture, so everyone can see it. Maybe then we will see a better quality in the uploaded pictures in the future.

by Partyman1 on 08 August 2004 - 15:08

Pjulle, I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you. The great thing about this site (when it is maintained)is to be able to look at the way a dog or bitch is producing, and that includes puppy pictures. I think it's important to see how they start out and then mature. It is often hard to get a puppy to stay still for a decent stacked picture. I agree with you however that uploaded pictures should include identification of the person who did so.


by Brittany on 08 August 2004 - 21:08

I disagree and I agree at the same time. I disagree that i think it's great to have puppy pictures on here... It would be better to actually see a future VA dog from germany to see what he was like as a puppy... theirs has been some mistakes in the past of which germans had sold their BEST puppy and had to rebuy him/her back and then the dog went from a nothing dog to a VA1 dog. I do agree tho that it's nonsense to take pictures of their females being in labor and putting it up on the net to see. for an example http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/gsd/pedigree/387128.html

by Chienne on 09 August 2004 - 00:08

I am sorry, Pjelle, but I must disagree too. While it is true some pictures are clearly unsuitable or useless, I personally like to see photos of progeny whether they will eventually be bred or not.

by awt on 09 August 2004 - 03:08

Pulle, if you are helping Oli in cleaning up some of the errors/junk on this site...bless you! I agree that puppy pics are cute to view, but... that's about it. There is little relevence to showing a pup that is years away from maturity and breeding potential. The bigger problem I see with allowing puppy pics is that the person who posts it will likely NOT keep it updated, so that when the dog a year old there will still be a 3 month old puppy photo on the site! I also agree wholeheartedly that the person who posts a photo (or any data at all) should have his/her name visable for all to see! Anonymity gives some folks freedom to do really stupid things. (ie, on a site for breeder referrals, someone has posted a link to a pooping dog photo. A case of professionally jealousy...mmm?)

by Moe on 09 August 2004 - 05:08

awt, I disagree, I think that there is plenty of relevance. If I am planning a breeding to a dog I believe it is nice to see the pigment, bone, angulations, and head size on the puppies they are producing. Granted much will change as the puppy matures but I feel it is a useful tool. I also believe that if someone has taken the time to upload a puppy picture they have done so because they are proud of their puppy and it would only be natural to update the picture as the puppy matures, and even if they don't what harm is done?

by Pjulle on 09 August 2004 - 12:08

Well well... I guess this was what I could've expected.. LOL.. Offcause its nice to see the puppypictues, but Oli himself stated, that in time he will make a gallery for each dog, for those sort of pictures. Pictures of the dog being a pup, working, sleeping, well even pooping (he he), if anyone has the need for showing thier dog off that way.. It could take some time (it seems.. )but im sure it will get there. Chienne.. Yes you LIKE to see pictures of progency.... BUT what use is it to YOU?? Now... Moe.. Its not possible to see when a picture has been uploaded (yet?), but I'm pretty sure 50 % of the puppyshots wont ever change... And the sofashot, they'll just stay there.. For eterny... And every time I have to use that pedigree for some purpose, it will ennoy me even more, because ..well.. I TRIED to make it better.. AWT.."that the person who posts a photo (or any data at all) should have his/her name visable for all to see!" - YES YES YES.. Like when you can se excactly which post a certain person has made, it should also be visible what kind of corrections, uploadings and so on, a person has done. If someone feel something isnt correct, they can email that person and maybe get an explanation, instead of no answerd from poor Oli, who most likely hasnt got a clue... And Awt..Well I have been emailing with Oli a lot in the beginning, and offered him my help in maintaining and updating the site, but I guess he thought he could manage himself then.. Now, I'm just doing this for the fun of it.. For us, to maintain this site as a serious part of our search for breedingmaterial, it mean that we have to be a bit critical when choosing pictures to upload. So... Thats just my opinion. And I wont change LOL!!

by Mike Russell on 09 August 2004 - 22:08

There's already at least one like that here... http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/gsd/pedigree/12424.html well, he looks like he's pooping...or just dragging his butt!

by awt on 09 August 2004 - 23:08

I think this "look" is what Helmut Raiser referred to when he noted, "Nowadays he might still be a dog at the front, but he's a frog at the back." or "His backside is sunk as if a brick were hanging from his testicles," ------------- Actually, the pooping photo I refer to in an earlier post is not on this site but on a GSD breeder referal site. I've run across that photo twice now in my web surfing, but of course when I *want* to find it for Show-N-Tell, I can't! :) I assume a breeder would not post such a photo of his own animal, and that the unflattering pic was the site webmaster "making a statement"...

by awt on 10 August 2004 - 03:08

Good Grief!! What were they thinking??? Now, true, the Dutch are VERY tolerant of just about everything. But that's just dumb... But, no. That's not the photo to which I refer. I wish I could find it again (assuming it's still on the internet). It was on one of these free breeder referal sites that lists a bunch of links. One of the links opens a photo similar to the one you posted, only of an adult showline dog. I thought at the time that it was a VERY childish thing to do, and was probably done by the site owner who had it in for that particular breeder.


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