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by Ranchinglady on 04 June 2007 - 18:06

If you were a breeder of high quality R.R.'s, and sold  half ownership in 2 showline R.R.'s, and you drove a long distance to see the  place where these 2 pups were living, and later found out that your partners had only put up a safe kennel just before you arrived(they previously owned 3 R.R.'s all killed by vehicles, no safe kennel for them) , and had hid their other dog in a horse trailer for 2 days so you wouldn't know they owned another breed......

would you consider that deceitful?

by KenyaM on 20 October 2008 - 00:10

Would I consider that deceitful??  erm, yes just slightly!!  But you can look at it this way, at least now they DO have a safe kennel.  Perhaps more visits will improve their quality of life or simply buy them out of their half share and bring your dogs back home.


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