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by solong on 27 April 2008 - 13:04

Since all other forms of communication have been shut down in recent days, This might be the last haven for Podengo Fanciers to openly share information, opinions and comments.



by mcc on 27 April 2008 - 15:04

Pretty soon we will have to resort to smoke signals - oh wait - global warming and the EPA can't do that either.  I'm going to start working on my telepathic powers - someone let me know when you hear from me (metaphysically)

by Podengo Freedon on 27 April 2008 - 16:04

I'm getting strange feelings is someone  calling??  I'm all ears, and sometimes all mouth.  So let the freedom of speech fly.  No threts of law suited allowed here.  Anyone who does that can put it  where I have said  to put it before. Yaha wouldn't  that be a sight to see.  I'm looking are you?

I have taken all the crap I entend to.  I'm not afraid of anyone especially when I have not done or said anything wrong.  And those of you out there should stand by your own convictions.

Someone who makes threts of law suits has something to hide or has only their own gains to make. 

So stand up for your self, one person can not cover up that much shit and get away with it.

All you Breeders out there around the world can stop this nonsence, by just the few, who want to corrner the market on this breed.  If you don't  think that is what is happening you are sadly mistaken.  Those of you who have dogs to sell need to look at who is talking to you and telling you who you can or can not sell dogs.  What is their interest in controling who you sell your dogs. Put those who want to control you and me on notice that we have had enough of interferance in our business and with our requtations.  Also if you don't  think that your good reputition is at stake by the controling few  guess again.  Stop them now by not answering or giving them any voice in anything.

Thank You


by mcc on 27 April 2008 - 23:04

"we must all hang together or surely we will all hang separately"   Ben Franklin


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