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Carrera Grande Sent Morten
Carrera Grande Sent Morten
Posted: 1 years ago
by Fantom76
There are many dogs in this pedigree that were recently added that include the show titles as part of the name. I have advised the member that if they are not corrected they will be deleted.
Crimson Heart Oh My Lilly
Crimson Heart Oh My Lilly
Posted: 4.3 years ago
by cdowell
I can't add Lilly's pedigree on her dam's side because the breeder has used her line to breed doodles.
Rougeami Red Ruby
Rougeami Red Ruby
Posted: 10.5 years ago
by fayleetoy


Camelry Of Fighting Marker
Camelry Of Fighting Marker
Posted: 11.1 years ago
by ahya

he is called pico , living in Tokyo.

he is a great-grandson of Hells a blazen calling card & Shamrock disco sue.

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