5 generation long pedigree for Aristic Lady Pamela

Pedigree Database

Workingline Litter - Texas
Puppies for sale

Fire Vom Finkenschlag VA 2 Puppies
Puppies for sale

Daughter of IPO1 SG Xanto V. Tiekerhook
Female for sale

Pedigree for

Aristic Lady Pamela

T 27053

CH Aristic Wee Pepper Pod (ROMX) (HOF) (XPOS)

BIS CH Aristic Wee Won's Pepper

Aristic Currency's Small ChangeAM CH Moneybox CurrencyAM CH Sealand Moneybox
Little Lady Leanora
Aristic Golden MintageAM CH Aristic Surprise Box
Aristic Tiny Mintage
Wee Won's Molly
AKC/T 106421
CAN/AM CH BIS Golden Glow Dandy (ROM) (HOF)
INT CH Dromore Bombardier (ROM) (ROM)
CH Billy Of La Paul
Wee Won's BambiAM CH Kitch Tumble Lad
Gae Sally
Aristic Little Miss Cheerful

CH Timsun's Gold Of WaverlyCH Great Elms Little TimsunROM
CH Great Elms Little Timstopper ROM
Aristic Lady Pamela
Golden Girl Of WaverlyAM CH Sealand Moneybox
Magrathstone Play Girl
Aristic Sahib's Lady GayCH Latham's Gay SahibSahib's Lady Gay's Son
Latham's Gold Coin Sally
Aristic Moneybox CaressAM CH Sealand Moneybox
Aristic Orange Blossom
Gold Button

Artistic's Gold Flash

AM CH Little Bit O' Treasure GoldCheekoAM CH Shining Gold Treasure
Lady Gold Dragon Of Gaybee
Hemmer's O' HoneyTennessee Boy
My Lady Chick
Aristic Orange BlossomENG CH Sealand CareerAM CH Woodfield Diamond King
Sealand Caress
Julo Joy GirlAM CH Julo Happy Boy
My Queen Of Pomona
Twinkle Dawn

Aristic Gold FlashAM CH Little Bit O' Treasure GoldCheeko
Hemmer's O' Honey
Aristic Orange BlossomENG CH Sealand Career
Julo Joy Girl
Wee Lady Gold GlowSunstar's TwinkleWho's Afraid
Blondie Jean
Zada's Red CriquetFair Image
Criquet Red Gown

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