Simple pedigree chart for Brendolina (2641647)

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Simple pedigree chart for CAC UA Brendolina

CAC UA Brendolina
IT CH Timberside Fast Cars And Freedom
CH Tallyrand No Greater Love ROMX
AM CH Llandians Sweet Success
AM CH Salvenik Sweet Thoughts ROMX
CH. Kilvewood Ode to Joy of Salvenik
CH Llandians Touch of Elegance
AM. CH. Llandian's Crystal Elegance
CH (US) Tallyrand Amazing Love ROM
AM CH Nebriowa Jovan ROMX
Woodhenge Black Velvet
(KCL2253703L02 (AKC D789401))
CH (US) Tallyrand Ode To Joy
CH Tallyrand Moon Magic
Westbourne Cracklin Rosie
AM. CH. Haley's D'Artagnan
AM.CH Emrys Midnight Sun
Evanwhits Without a Doubt CDX OA PHC
CH Tallyrand Moon Magic
CH Tallyrand Spiritual Fanfare
CH Li'l Cork's Summer Brew
CH Hum'nbird Valedictorian ROMX
(AKCDL517444/02 12-95)
CH Beaukay's Double Delight
Am Can CH Li'l Cork's Belle Starr CD NA
CH Lil Cork's American Beauty
Beautiful Hot Gossip Pem'S Passion
CH IT/SL/CR/AUT/REP Wharrytons Dennis Potter for Samovar
CH Corgold Harry Potter
CH GB Ermyn Wing and a Prayer
Ermyn Star Performer
Corgold Anastasia of Tudoroyal
Ermyn Rosamunde of Corgold
Ermyn Fly To The Moon
CH GB Foxydale Smart Guy
Belroyd Dawn Chorus of Foxydale
Ermyn Star Performer
Lennkeyl Superstar at Ermyn
Blue Crazy Breeze Lollypops
CH Sippiwisset Fleet Captain
Sippiwisset Windward Mark
Sippiwisset Sea Breezes
CH.EXT. Sippiwisset Gale Warning
Sippiwisset Fair Wind
Sippiwisset Sea Chanty
Sippiwesset Eye Of The Storm
Sippiwisset Wind Storm
Sippiwisset Sea Storm
Sippiwisset Treasure Chest
Sippiwisset Sea Treasure


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