Simple pedigree chart for Wendt Worth Hot In Cleveland (2075112)

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Simple pedigree chart for CH Wendt Worth Hot In Cleveland

CH Wendt Worth Hot In Cleveland
CH Summithill Super Hero
CH (USA, AUS) Caamora Gandy Dancer RN HSAs
CH Tallyrand No Greater Love ROMX
AM CH Llandians Sweet Success
CH Llandians Touch of Elegance
CH (US) Tallyrand Amazing Love ROM
CH (US) Tallyrand Ode To Joy
CH Caamora Paper Doll ROM, HT
CH (USA, GBR) Pinemeade Paper Dragon ROMX
CH (AKC) Pinemeade Garden Party ROM
Caamora Special Report
Garvins One On One
CH Caamora Chantal
Summithill Lucy In The Sky
CH Summithill Gingerbread Man OA OAP AXJ OJP
Pinemeade The Pretender
CH Pinemeade War Party
CH Nebriowa Red Gingham
Summithill I Love Trouble
Summithill Bring Me Joy
Linvar's Top Shelf
CH (US/CAN) Jade Tree Penway Up Country CD ROMX
CH Jade Tree Penway Potpourri
Mar-Wil's Joy To The World
No information about the Dam
CH Wendt Worth Meadowlark Lyric
CH Larklain Rogers Magic Marker ROM
(AKCDL872085/03 08-02)
CH Honeyfox Jolly Roger
(AKCDL820588/01 07-01)
CH Cinonnie Regulus
(AKCDL793049/01 04-00 (UK))
Cinonnie Sweet Charity ROM
CH Honeyfox Mrs Tiggy-Winkle
(AKCDL594182/02 04-99)
CH Honeyfox Starstruck
CH Honeyfox Naughty Nutmeg
CH (US) Larklain Sunny Luv-In-A-Mist
(AKCDL768145/03 08-00)
Larklain Joes Sunny Sky
(AKCDL709095/01 03-99)
CH (AKC) Honeyfox Ragtime Cowboy
(AKCDL542443/01 09-95)
Larklain Flares Skylark
(AKCDL543468/05 02-96)
CH (US) Larklain Flares Love Song
(AKCDL630946/03 04-98)
Larklain Magnums Flare
(AKCD954171 05-94)
CH Larklain Stardust Diamon'lil
Misty Ridges Wendt Worth Honey Lark
CH Honeyfox Penny Arcade
CH (USA, FIN) Caralon's Casper At Gaylord
CH Schaferhaus Caralon Puffin
Honeyfox Miss Henny-Penny
CH Honeyfox Mrs Tiggy-Winkle
(AKCDL594182/02 04-99)
Misty Ridge Cals Wildfyre
CH (US) Triple H Cal Ripken
(AKCDL877709/06 02-03)
CH Summertime Flying Fancy Free ROM
(AKCDL759987/01 08-01)
Bubbles One Tough Cookie CD RN
(AKCDL844911/01 11-01)
Honeyfox Bandits Shane
(AKCDL769951/01 04-00)
Larklain Flares Joyful Song
(AKCDL767615/05 11-00)


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