5 generation long pedigree for Sogaye From Shiel

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Sogaye From Shiel

ENG CH Gayelord of Wey

SA CH Drumbeat of Wyldingtree of Wey

ENG AM CAN CH Lees Symphony ROMX
Lees LaureateLisaye Lees Laurence
ENG CH Lees Coronet
Cantata Of CowfoldCorker Of Cowfold
Chorus Girl Of Cowfold
Comet of WyldingtreeENG IR CH Bud Of BentraIR CH Fitzdown Flash
Fitzdown Jacqueline
Rozavel MeadowsweetRozavel Thumbs Up
Diana of Saxondale
ENG CH Gaytime of Wey

ENG CH Waggerland Clean SweepENG CH / IR CH Crawleycrow's Bannow Master BroomENG CH Broom Of Ballybentra
Auchen Gem of Bannow
Sunset of WaggerlandRosario Aur
Wellworth Entertaining
Sapphire of Gedney of WeyENG CH Teekay's Lucifer of MillingtonRozavel Farmer Jones
Lindy Lue of Lynard
Helarian Opal of GedneyHelarian Brackleigh Amber Flash
CH Helarian Holly
Solonely From Shiel

Lisaye Disturbance

ENG CH Broom Of BallybentraCrawleycrow BanjoENG CH Bowhit Prince
Teekay Quicksilver
Teekay BrambleLarkwhistle Vainglory
Teekays Crawleycrow Hazelnut
Craythornes Lisaye Good GirlLisaye Teekay TartarTeekay Marquis
Teekay Quicksilver
Pippin Of LeesTeekay Perfection
Teekay Vivien
Crawleycrow Verily from Shiel

Brendon Felcourt MagnetTopperEmphil Scarlet Dragon
Sheila Of ParanBridge Perfection
Crawleycrow ViolaENG CH Bowhit PrinceBowhit Patter
Bowhit Betty
Crawleycrow HarpCrawleycrow Bruno
Crawleycrow Mathry

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