Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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World Champion Gary vom Huhnegrab Longcoats
Puppies for sale

Puppies for sale

VD Perseus Ad-Gur IPO3 x VD Ejmy Via Vernalis ZVV1
Puppies for sale

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
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USA Breeders leaving tails intact (no docking)8.8 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
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Portuguese Sheepdog11.9 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi

The History

Rozavel Lucky Strike born on Jun 15, 1943
ENG CH / IR CH Rozavel Lucky Strike
Lees Coronet born on Jan 11, 1946
ENG CH Lees Coronet

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General Grooming of Dogs

General Grooming of Dogs

Food, shelter, exercise and regular visits to the veterinarian are all a part of the basic care package that accompanies dog ownership. However, there is one more important aspect of proper canine care that must not be forgotten or neglected, and that is grooming. In order for a dog to stay clean and healthy, proper hygiene must be maintained, and given that dogs can do little more than lick themselves to remove the occasional annoying substance, grooming of your animal is your responsibility.

  • Health Issues in Dogs

    Dogs can suffer from a whole host of diseases and other serious health problems. Some of these conditions are inherited, while others are caused by viruses; still others are related to lifestyle and environmental influences.

  • Traveling with Your Dog

    Dogs are a part of the family, and they go everywhere with us.  Whether it just a short trip for an errand, to the park, to a training class, or to a competitive event, you have to plan ahead to travel safely with your dog.

Recently added pedigrees

Alenclaud Lexita

Alenclaud Lexita

Inserted:18 hours ago
Female (2889193)
Father: CH Alenclaud Robin
Mother: Alenclaud Lexie
Created by alenclaud
Alenclaud Vicentica

Alenclaud Vicentica

Inserted:18 hours ago
Female (2889192)
Alenclaud Genesis

American Champion Alenclaud Genesis

Inserted:18 hours ago
Female (2889191)

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Willy vom Kuckcksland puppies for sale
angel tamakarov
20:22 26 May 2019

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