Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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Czech Import Parent Puppies Jago Jipo-ME Grandson
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IPO3 male, extremely courageous character!!!
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Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
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any Pembroke Welsh Corgi owners from Spain?1.6 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi forum dead? any Corgi people here?4.1 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
Please help, looking for pembroke breeders that don't dock tails4.1 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
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Being honest when selling a dog....6.9 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
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UK's Biggest Doggy Party & Fashion Show7.3 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
Test Mielopatia 7.5 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
trouble adding sire and dam info7.5 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
Welsh Corgi Pembroke Fine Art Canvas Print7.7 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
Welsh Corgi Pembroke Jewelry Brooch Handcrafted Ceramic 7.7 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
USA Breeders leaving tails intact (no docking)8.1 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
My dogs dam won't show up10.2 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
Portuguese Sheepdog11.2 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi

The History

Fire Bird of Cogges born on Mar 05, 1937
ENG CH / AM CH Fire Bird of Cogges
Olantingh Christmas Gift born on Dec 25, 1971
ENG CH Olantingh Christmas Gift

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An Introduction to Competitive Obedience

An Introduction to Competitive Obedience

Everyone is familiar with sit, down, and come and other similar commands that are standard fare in the general obedience training class.  The novice handler might not be familiar with what competitive obedience looks like or realize that it’s really just a continuation of those basic skills.

  • How to Choose the Right Breed for You

    So you have made the decision to get a dog. Perhaps you had a bad experience once before with a dog who you thought was cute or friendly, but then when you got him home he turned out to be a holy terror, and the whole thing turned into a nightmare. Even if you have never had such a bad experience, the fact remains that choosing a pet is a life-changing decision, and it is one that takes a lot of thought and research.

  • How to Successfully Adopt a Dog from a Rescue

    One of the kindest things any person can do is to adopt an animal from a shelter or humane society. These are animals that desperately need a home and human beings to love and care for them. However, if you have decided to adopt a dog from a rescue situation, you must go in with your eyes wide open.

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Inserted:65 seconds ago
Male (2809032)
Father: GCH Martindale Black Bart
Mother: Pemvale Miss Showgirl
Created by estoun437
Pemvale Miss Showgirl

Pemvale Miss Showgirl

Inserted:8 minutes ago
Female (2809030)
Father: No information about the Sire
Mother: No information about the Dam
Created by estoun437
Raintrees JP One and All

Raintrees JP One and All

Inserted:13 minutes ago
Male (2809028)
Pemvale Midnight Fantasy

Pemvale Midnight Fantasy

Inserted:17 minutes ago
Female (2809027)
Pemvale Watch the talk

Pemvale Watch the talk

Inserted:24 minutes ago
Male (2809025)

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High Drive 8 Month Old Male $2,000 OBO
15:42 15 Oct 2018
United States
IPO1 Kkl female--SOON IN HEAT ! CAN BE BRED !Sold out
18:12 05 Oct 2018
4x VA Negus vom Frankengold Puppies
16:57 11 Oct 2018
IPO1 Sired Started 6mth Male $2800
frost kennels
18:10 09 Oct 2018
United States
JJ K9 Ranch

JJ K9 Ranch

Puppies for sale
JJ K9 ranch
03:25 06 Oct 2018
United States

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