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by Working Dawgs on 19 February 2019 - 15:02

Trying to research more on hip dysplasia in german shepherds, and how to avoid producing pups with HD.

Does anyone know of any good websites to read more about this? Alot of working pedigrees I have looked at has Hip Dysplasia somewhere in the pedigree, and that dog has produced good pups and so on...

How is it that they produce good hips for generations? Does it rely more on who they are bred with vs. what their parents/grandparents are??


by BlackMalinois on 19 February 2019 - 17:02



There are also many GSD with bad hips in pedigrees but breeders say they are good
and not only HD  !!!!




by Hundmutter on 19 February 2019 - 21:02

In simple terms, W/Dawgs, you can't ensure you avoid it. The best you can do, if as I and many others think, you believe HD is basically a complex genetic problem, is reduce your chances of producing [one or more] pups who develop symptoms - by using only dogs, and the stock behind those dogs, which have gradings / certificates / A stamps / low numerical scores (depending on where the dogs were X ray'd) that show they do not have HD themselves (and are therefore less likely to pass it along).

But in doing so you have to recognise what I think Black Mal is getting at: that even if all the details in all the pedigrees are tested and honest, this only takes you so far because of the nature of the disease; and you may have to throw other, good, things you want to produce out with the bathwater in order to only use such certified stock. And there is really no way to tell, still, at present, how many generations of good hips you need to take into consideration - nobody has yet shown a definite correlation that shows poor hip structure, back beyond e.g. Generation 5, cannot carry through to current breedings.

You can only show buyers of your pups that the parents are certified, and that you have done your best to keep your stock free of HD; you cannot honestly offer them an abolute guarantee the puppy they buy will never develop HD. Too many degrees of the problem: many dogs with mild HD, you never know about it until you X ray; if they have good muscle tone as they grow they might not develop problems. Sadly, some buyers will be pressured by unscrupulous vets into believing their dog has HD (because "all GSDs are prone to it" and it makes money) even if they actually do not have it. Some people will feed badly, or allow too heavy exercise, and set off the symptoms in a growing puppy that would have been environmentally fine if more common sense had been applied. All you can do is decide how much you can offer to do if a pup turns out to be afflicted and the owners want to come back and blame you for it.


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