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by GSDHeritage on 12 November 2018 - 15:11

AKC members if you order a pedigree from AKC the date next to the dog's registration number is the year-month the dog appeared in the AKC Stud Book not their actual date of birth. The dog that you requested the pedigree for is the only dog that shows the actual DOB.

Be sure to check the spelling when entering dogs to make sure it is correct.

If you go to the AKC website, you can join for free, and then there is a FREE LOOKUP (no cost) at the bottom of page on the right. Type in the registration number or name and the information should come up.

You need to then click on the registration number in order to see the date of birth, color and DNA of the dog.

You can search for a dog by registration number, or by breed and name. Search tips.

Registration No.

Free Lookup at the bottom of the page is



When you are entering your dog's information, you must include the Breed Book AKC and also the registration number which is probably DN xxxxxxxx.    DN is not the breed book, it is part of the registration number.  AKC is the breed book.


PDB is used by people around the world, and just because you know that your dog is registered with AKC, that does not mean that our foreign members know.   Please re-read and follow the rules for entering dogs .



Sometimes if you use Google Chrome, the Breed Book will autofill as United. This really means United States and is wrong. The breed book is AKC.


AKC Conditional Registrations

Since these dogs are proven through DNA testing sire unknown to be purebred dogs they are not allowed to be on the Pedigree Database.  The Admin at this time are allowing dogs that were already entered by adding next to the Registration Number CONDITIONAL REGISTRATION for all future progeny.  It is important that members of the PDB know the reason the dog has this next to their dogs pedigree.

Members entering dogs with AKC UR Registration need to prove these dogs are purebred otherwise not accepted on the PDB.


To contact an admin for help in creating, changing, adding to or deleting a pedigree and/or photo.   Anything pedigree or related to a pedigree please contact

GSDHeritage - all breeds - Speciality is AKC dogs and White Shepherds/ Berger Blanc Suisse

Fantom76 - all breeds - Speciality is foreign registered dogs

by GSDHeritage on 15 June 2021 - 16:06

PBD members are not following PDB rules when entering dogs on the PDB. Dogs need breed book and registration numbers not just names.


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