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by full metal jacket on 08 November 2004 - 23:11

Hello dear list members, I curious that how VA dogs feeding? are they eat kibble (dry food)? Or Kibble+Suplement? Or BArf.. etc..? Is there special recipe for good pigmentation, normal growing and good joint? What kind of commercial food are they eating and do you give your dog? Thank you very much, Igor


by Dog1 on 09 November 2004 - 02:11

The VA dogs I have seen in Germany eat Kibble food, same as the other dogs in the kennel. I have only seen 3. Not all.

by Klossbruhe on 09 November 2004 - 04:11

If advertising endorsements are anything to go by, they are eating kibble from companies such as M & B, Meradog, Happy Dog, Pedigree, Bozita, ProPlan.... I personally have seen the following all fed kibble: Rikkor Bad Boll, Karly Arminius, Lasso Neuen Berg, Enzo Buchhorn, Jumbo Dolimiten, Neptune Bad Boll, Quartz Templari, Kelly Arminius, and a host of others. While I never specifically asked Kurt Meyer, Hans Peter Rieker or Martin Gobl what else was being fed, I know that many of these dogs did get supplements of varying kinds.


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