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by Calamity on 07 November 2004 - 07:11

Does anybody know if Hella Charavigne is a sibling to Happy and what her registration number would be or any other information about her? Thank you.

by jock on 07 November 2004 - 20:11

You will get information about most of the British dogs in,The GSD Its history,development,& genetics,In the book Willis quotes Nem Elliott,I think overall her ideas and opiions have stood the test of time,She was instrumental in the breed in the UK changing from the Alsatian to the International type,her assessment of the dogs was unsurpassed,The breed in the UK was at that time in a mess, BoB winners at Crufts urinating in the big ring,through fear, in front of all the assembled media ,complete unsoundness,Champion dogs with many teeth missing,a top sire unable to go round a small ring 3 times,but as we were told they are show dogs!! Was it any wonder that there were many fear attacks,which were greatfully picked upon by the newspapers in an anti German stance with the old wolfdog issue used against the breed. There were a few good dogs but generally they went unnoticed.Handling was done with the finest of choke chains,the dog strung up ,foreleggs just touching,terrier style,and then the back leg bent into shape,with a touch on the hindquatres to make the dog slink lower, There was a film made by the Beaches(Stranmillis)of the major dogs of that time,I think she is still alive,it might be worth your while asking if she would send you a copy as I have seen other interest from people in Australia in dogs from that time

by Jantie on 07 November 2004 - 20:11

Dear Calamity, I think it is high time to start to try and use THIS GSD database, as one should use it (him-/her-self). Have you not noticed the buttons that will show you different info? When you search THIS database for a certain dog, the following info can be found: Born : Progeny list - Sibling list - Calculate linebreeding - HD Zuchtwert (slow) Progeny Pictures Now if you would have clicked on: "Sibling List", you would have found the answer to your question by yourself. No need to bother anybody else. Please tell me how old you are, where you are and how we can help you find the answers to your easy questions. Maybe then, we can relate. Kind regards,

by Calamity on 09 November 2004 - 18:11

Hi Jantie et al, The only button I have not managed to find is the delete button on the message I have posted after finding the info that I want. This is not the only place that I have posted questions and have been gathering quite a lot of data from all sources and cross referencing where I can. Hella is NOW on this DATA base because I have put her there. I know Happy was already there. I have a long list of dogs names with no other details for them except their names. Yes perhaps it was remis of me not to post here that I have found the info I want on this particular dog. But it still may not have been quick enough to beat your reply. Cheers, Me.

by Jantie on 09 November 2004 - 20:11

You wrote: "I have a long list of dogs names with no other details for them except their names." Why don't you send me the list private. Maybe I can help you.


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