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by nodyboy on 07 November 2004 - 06:11

How do you think is the best possible solution to solve this mess in these two organizations. I think that we need to pull out of control these organizations from these people and give local control to clubs at city levels


by Cyrus on 07 November 2004 - 13:11

Excuse me.. Can so suggest me what this issue concern's of..Pls Thank u

by nodyboy on 07 November 2004 - 14:11

Cyrus, KCI is Kennel Club of India and GSDCI is the German Shpeherd Club of India. The basic problem is that both these orgainizations are marred by controversies and Politics. The people holding offices in these organizations have made this their family thrones (Typical of the Indian traditions.) They are holding offices for the last 20 years or so and are not letting anyone come in their place and do some honest work. People who grease their palms are winning shows Bloody limp dogs crippled to the hilt are winning shows and getting trophies. Everyone is making merry while under the tabkle deals are going on. and these people are holding office with a levele of high handedness and autocratic attitude. Consequently these oragnization are absolutely bunkum and defunct. The need of the hour is to throw these corrupt people out of their office and bring in fresh replacements. They are cooking up dog registries all sorts of nonsense is going on with the result an honest enthusiast is screwed and no recognition is there for true talent

by nodyboy on 08 November 2004 - 05:11

Howdedo, BigB I ask you can we now mobilize the group to form something on the lines of Bharat Kennel Club now. Lets revive this now to fight newer battles on newer fronts


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