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by valedomosel on 29 August 2004 - 23:08

Would someone explain me what does....U...EZ...TSB..T1..T2..T3...and T4 mean?


by Wolf on 29 August 2004 - 23:08

U is Unsatisfactory, EZ means the dog was withdrawn from the competition (after bitework). And this is from an article that is/was on this site: T1 = La├čt nicht ab, ohne Bewertung TSB T1 = The dog does NOT RELEASE ON COMMAND, he is given NO rating for TSB. The dog did everything else right and 'Pronounced,' but refused to "out" on command. If a dog fails to "out," (release on command), he is demonstrating a failure of obedience. T2= TSB vorhanden T2= TSB demonstrated sufficiently enough to still pass (sufficient) T3 = TSB nicht genuegend T3 = TSB not demonstrated to be sufficient (was insufficient) T4= abgebrochen wegen mangelnder Fuhrigkeit T4= not allowed to continue due to lack of obedience (no proper Heeling) or handler control


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