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by Jascanine on 27 August 2004 - 14:08

My encounter with this Englishman has always been pleasent. He has judged some of our shows and we all sincierly admire this man large in stature and achievement. It not right to bring out your personal jealousy on an international forum to deface an honourable man. His knowladge and experience is vast, as evident in his posts. Don't loose Hope Mr.Payne we will stand by you.


by July on 27 August 2004 - 14:08

I do not know Mr. Payne personally, but one can easily see his passion and commitment for the German shepherd. He both possesses and produces quality dogs - no one can deny this! I am from Romania, and he is the only breeder from Great Britain that the gsd lovers here know about - he is the only one with a world-wide known name - at least here...


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