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by Hucklebuck on 25 August 2004 - 18:08

Does anybody know of a website for the kennel Grafental? Breeders of DDR lines

by taylor made on 25 August 2004 - 18:08

I have been looking for that breeder myself. I have been told he does not have a web site but no one can tell me how to get a hold of him. Sorry. Let me know if you find out anything!! : )

by Sonja on 26 August 2004 - 00:08

The Graefental kennel has no home-page and also the breeder don't speaks english. If you like you can send a message to me. I will translate it and will give it to Mr. G√ľnther. Please send it to < > Sonja

by taylor made on 26 August 2004 - 13:08

Hi Sonja, I can speak German. Would you be kind enough to give a contact number where I can speak to Mr. Gunther? Thank you for your help in advance. T

by Charlie Ivory on 26 August 2004 - 16:08

The owner of Grafental kennels is a man by the name of Bernd Gunther and he is I beleive somewhere in Steinsdorf Thats all I have on him but am still looking myself.Maybe contact the SV? Good luck

by JochenVGW on 26 August 2004 - 20:08

I don't have any contact info, but Ravines GSD's in Ohio has some breeding stock from him. They may have his contact information good luck. --Alan..

by gsddebby on 27 August 2004 - 06:08

Ravines gets their dogs from Sonja.

by Sonja on 27 August 2004 - 09:08

Hi, the phone no. is +49 36603 40252

by taylor made on 27 August 2004 - 13:08

Hi Sonja, Thank you VERY much!!! Have a great day T


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